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  • Season 1
    • The Reward of Treachery
      Our thrilling series concludes as the Mandrake and Professor Houston make one final attempt at thwarting the Wasp's evil plans and capturing him and his henchmen. The Wasp plots to destroy Mandrake's home while all of his targets are inside, and the building begins to crumble around our heroes. Mandrake begins to search for our heroin Betty amongst the rubble, but things are looking grim. Will Mandrake the Magician and his friends escape from the destroyed house? Will the Wasp ever be caught?moreless
    • At the Stroke of Eight
      Our hero Mandrake and our heroin Betty are captured by the henchmen of the Wasp and taken to a sanitarium, used as their headquarters. They try to escape, but are trapped in the east wing of the building by the Wasp, who blows up the east wing with his radium machine. Wasp orders his men to evacuate the building. Will Mandrake and Betty be able to avoid the explosion and escape with their lives? Will the Wasp get off scot-free?moreless
    • The Unseen Monster
      The Unseen Monster
      Episode 10
      The masked Wasp continues to plot of other evil deeds he can commit with the stolen radium machine. Our heroes, Mandrake and his assistant Lothar, on traveling by train to give Professor Houston the rare replacement mineral so that he may build a combative machine. The Wasp directs the destructive forces of his machine against the train, causing the high-speeding machine to break off the tracks. Will Mandrake and Lothar be able to escape with their lives? Will hundreds of innocent train travelers die at the hands of the villainous Wasp?moreless
    • Terror Rides the Rails
      Our heroes carry on their battle with the mysterious fiend, the Wasp, who is up to no good once again and using the destructive power of the radium machine to serve his own dastardly ends. Professor Houston’s substitute machine needs a rare element to make it impervious to the radium machine stolen by the Wasp. They are thwarted the Wasp's evil henchmen, who fight them and destroy the canyon. Mandrake and his assistant Lothar are trapped in the path of a roaring river. Will they be able to escape a watery grave? Will the Wasp get away with his evil crimes?moreless
    • Across the Deadline
      The story continues with a huge fight between Mandrake the Magician, his assistant Lothar, and the Wasp's evil henchmen as the Wasp attempts to gain control of a large oil rig. Professor Houston is building another machine built of rare elements that will be invulnerable to the Wasp's power. Mandrake has located one of the rare key elements needed to build the machine, but the Wasp's men are already at the location and a battle ensues. Mandrake hangs perilously over a chasm after the cable car he was riding in collapses, falling hundreds of feet below. Will Mandrake be able to escape the cable car with his life? Will the Wasp's henchmen make off with the rare element Professor Houston needs?moreless
    • Gamble for Life
      Gamble for Life
      Episode 7
      Our hero, Mandrake the Magician, resumes his on-going battle with the devilish Wasp, who continues his evil mission to use the treasured radium machine to destroy the country and gain control of the nation's public utilities. Mandrake discovers that the henchmen of the Wasp are taking Houston to a distant foundry to adjust the radium machine; Mandrake locates the foundry and takes off to try and save Houston. Will Mandrake arrive in time? Will Houston be able to escape the clutches of the evil Wasp?moreless
    • The Fatal Crash
      The Fatal Crash
      Episode 6
      The evil Wasp remains hold of the powerful radium machine, causing destruction with it at every turn. Learning that the Wasp was planning to destroy a power plant, Mandrake and his assistant, Lothar, rush to save the plant and foil the Wasp’s evil plan. Mandrake arrived at the plant and realized a trap had been set for him and engaged in a terrific battle. They were overcome, and tied to a power board in the plant as the Wasp directed the radium machine towards the building in order to bring it down. Will Mandrake and Lothar be able to escape alive? Will the Wasp successfully destroy the huge power plant?moreless
    • The Devil's Playmate
      Mandrake the Magician has perfected a radium device to better the nation, but he remains the prisoner of the evil Wasp, who has other intentions for the machine! Mandrake and his assistant, Lothar, went to the Mill River Inn, on the trail of Regan, a renegade hypnotist employed by the Wasp. Wearing a hooded costume, Mandrake stepped into a magic act in the place of Regan in order to obtain insider information on the Wasp’s whereabouts. Mandrake was hurtled into the wheels of a giant mill. Will Mandrake survive the mill? Will he regain his ground and be able to recover the identity of the Wasp?moreless
    • The Secret Passage
      Our hero Mandrake is under the imprisonment of the Wasp who has seized control of the priceless radium machine in order to obtain complete control of the nation! Betty Houston is lured to a radio station that the Wasp planned to destroy as the first step in his terror campaign. Will Mandrake arrive in time to save Betty? Will the building be destroyed in the Wasp’s evil plan?moreless
    • City of Terror
      City of Terror
      Episode 3
      Mandrake the Magicians resumes during another fight between good and evil. Our heroin, Betty Houston, is tumbling to her death in a falling elevator, and Mandrake allows himself to be captured in order to gather more clues as to the secret identity of our villain, the Wasp. Will Betty make it out in time? Will the Mandrake be able to recover the identity of the evil Wasp?moreless
    • Trap of the Wasp
      Trap of the Wasp
      Episode 2
      Our exciting series continues with a heated battle between our hero, Mandrake, and the mysterious masked Wasp, over control of Mandrake's invention-which the Wasp wants for his evil intentions! Mandrake narrowly avoids certain death from an explosion by some good fortune, as the Wasp takes off with the treasured radium machine. Will the Wasp get away with the device? Will good conquer over evil, or will Mandrake fail in his quest?moreless
    • Shadow on the Wall
      The Wasp, the crafty head of an underworld gang, is on the hunt for a radium-energy machine developed by Professor Houston. The Wasp will stop at nothing to steal the scientist's invention. His evil machinations to obtain the device include blowing up a radio station, a power plant, and a dam. Fortunately, his dastardly deeds cause only minimal damage because of the timely intervention of the quick-witted Mandrake, a world-famous magician, who has vowed to stop The Wasp. Will Mandrake finally capture the master villain and his gang, thereby saving the world from the sting of The Wasp? And will Mandrake be reunited with Professor Houston's lovely daughter Betty? Well, you'll have to watch all twelve thrilling chapters to find out! This colorful King Features newspaper comic strip hero was brought to the big screen by Columbia Pictures.moreless
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