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Scientists work on the top-secret Manhattan Project in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  They must keep their work a secret from their families and friends, often leading to tension in their lives.

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  • Love it. But only for the science

    I have to agree with @tslate below although a 3.0 is a lil harsh. Please less romance and more SCIENCE!!!!
  • Intellectually and Historically Weak

    Just because it's TV "paintcan" doesn't mean there isn't such a thing as historical drama which means "fact" based drama not fantasy based. We already have Dallas and the like where every show has someone sleeping with someone else as standard fare. The Manahattan Project was about brilliant minds, perserverance, overcoming incredible obstacles, the potential horror of Hitlers Nazi's having this weapon, the holocaust and everything that turned the world upside down in the 1930's and 40's. The show is now 50% personal romantic relationships, drunks, teenage and lesbian sex and physicists sleeping around. The historical facts of the show would be non-existent if not for some of the names of the characters. Raw sexual scenes had nothing to do with the Manhattan project nor what made the WWII generation so great, as evidenced by the excellent production of TV and movies prior to the 70's that did not have all the titilating sex needed to keep weak minds entertained. The last episode had a British physicist going to the camp "brothel" where he was entertained repeatedly. Apparently this has some historical significance to making the first A-bomb. Do you really believe a camp brothel would be allowed, such stupidity. There's a way to present an exciting drama and be intellectually honest at the same time. The writers undoubtedly haven't made any effort whatsoever to authenticate the majority of their Dallas of the 40's. A great opportunity to educate is lost, instead it might as well be called "The Sexual Proclivities of Physicists". Yes, I watch, hoping it will get better, like all drama's, one hopes and waits until finally no more.moreless
  • How Manhattan not on everyone's lips??

    It is literally the best drama on television right now. The acting, writing, and cinematography is superb. The story is fantastic. Picture Madman with a historical backdrop that actually matters. This is a must for: Science nerds, history buffs, dramaphiles, and pretty much anyone with extra brain cells not being stimulated enough with the motley assortment of reality nonsense being crammed down everyone's throats. Watch it. If I had the power to force you to give it a try I would wield it ruthlesslymoreless
  • Quality Drama

    A woefully under appreciated drama, which doesn't get the attention it deserves. It's a fiction set during factual events and places and as such can create a sense of urgency within a very constricted and confined setting. It's not just about the science or scientists behind the race for the bomb but the people who surrounded those directly involved and the impact it had on them too.

    Given the lack of attention this show seems to have garnered I am rather relieved that it has been renewed for a second season. Fingers crossed that they manage to maintain the same quality for another year.moreless
  • Superb television drama .....

    an era of great TV dramas.

    AuthorLee should lighten up. Maybe more dietary fiber ? Bet he panned all of Shakespeare's works.

    Its TV - never purported itself to be authentic.

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