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Sunday 10:00 PM on WGN America Premiered Jul 27, 2014 Between Seasons


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AIRED ON 12/15/2015

Season 2 : Episode 10

Show Summary

Scientists work on the top-secret Manhattan Project in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  They must keep their work a secret from their families and friends, often leading to tension in their lives.


    WGN America Cancels Manhattan After Two Seasons

    The critically acclaimed series will not return for Season 3.


    Manhattan Season 2 Finale Review: Hell Unleashed

    An intense hour is filled with both curious wonder and ultimate devastation. Guess which one we were left on?

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    • William Peterson

      The only reason I will be watching your show and am waiting for it is that William Peterson is joining the cast for season two (and the premise of the show sounds interesting). I have been waiting for this actor to take another role on TV since CSI. I hope he is prominent in the storyline and also brings some more fanfare to the series.
    • Tslate's useless rant

      Some people complain the show isn't historically accurate. A fan review on this site says: "Do you really believe a camp brothel would be allowed"

      And yet there WAS prostitution in the Manhattan Project!! There is a related TAG on the Voices of the Manhattan Project website: manhattanprojectvoices . org/tags/prostitution

      Luzell Johnson's interview: "And, every weekend, there was somebody coming through with goods, through the barracks, you understand that? Prostitutes. They would start at the head of the barracks, put a girl in a room. They would come through and ask, room by room if we was interested"

      manhattanprojectvoices . org/oral-histories/luzell-johnsons-interview

      Read it, listen to the audio, and get your head out of your ass.moreless
    • Frankly

      I will miss character Frank Winter and actor John Benjamin Hickey. I wanted to see him succeed. I love this show. Farewell Frank - well I guess faring well won't happen to him.
    • Manhattan is Experiencing a Meltdown

      I enjoyed the show early on. It's becoming more apparent with each new episode, however, that the writers aren't even trying to deal with character anymore. It's all about using the actors as props to make points about pet social issues. Example: One of the characters is horrified when she hears word of how the Jews are being treated by the Nazis. She shoves the evidence given to her in front of her husband, wanting him to use his scientific knowledge to end the Nazis as quickly as possible. A few episodes later, the same character seems to have been turned completely cynical at the thought that her husband is actually working on a terrible weapon, so much so that she uses that as part of her justification for starting a lesbian affair.

      On the husband side, what started out as a flawed, but generally good man and husband, has been transformed by the writers into a callous creep who cares nothing that his wife is molested by a subordinate. Why? The only possible reason is to give the wife some kind of "moral" cover for abandoning her marriage vows and spending her days not concerned about her family, but surrendering to the truly noble cause of self-gratification. Honestly, if they don't care more about giving the characters some form of lasting personality, I don't see why I should care about the series.moreless
    • Because, Chad..........

      How Manhattan not on everyone's lips?? 10 By ChadHeinous, Sep 19, 2014

      The dopes at AV Club and would rather spend years regularly discussing the vapid wasteland that is Survivor, and the dopes who watch the vapid wasteland that is Survivor will spend many more years commenting on its 'brilliance'.

      Yes, Manhattan IS the best thing on television right now (outside of Transparent, which is only on Amazon Prime Video), but the dopes in the American viewing audience would rather watch their moronic shows.

      Sad, isn't it?moreless

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