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    Name:  The Windy City

    Airdate:  March 13, 1975

    Writer:  M. A. D. Buck

    Director:  I. P. Freely

    Summary:  Dave Barrett trails fugitive desperadoes Kenny Wagner and Rocky Cantrell to Chicago where all three manage to run afoul of legendary gangland chief Frank "the Enforcer"  Nitti.

    Starring:  Ken Howard (Dave Barrett)

    Guest stars:  Bruce Gordon (Frank Nitti), James Best (Kenny Wagner), Lois Nettleton (Connie Bates), Mills Watson (Rocky Cantrell), Anthony Caruso (Louis Campagna), Cliff Osmond (Augie), Linda Gray (Nitti's secretary)

    Notes:  Bruce Gordon reprised his Untouchables role of Frank Nitti as a personal favor to show executive producer Quinn Martin.

    Cliff Osmond reprised his role as Nitti henchman Augie.  He had previously played the role on an episode of The Untouchables entitled Globe of Death.

    Linda Gray, who appears in a small role as Nitti's secretary, would later go onto play Sue Ellen Ewing on Dallas.

    Unlike on The Untouchables, where his office was located on the top floor of the Montmarte Cafe, Frank Nitti's office in this episode is located in a high rise building.

    Trivia:  Louis Campagna was a real life Chicago mobster and a trusted lieutenant to Frank Nitti.  Campagna was played by Frank De Kova on The Untouchables but is played by Anthony Caruso in this episode.


    Nitti (to Dave Barrett):  I'm big business now.  I can't afford to have no hillbilly punks messin' up the entire operation.

    Nitti:  Barrett, one more stunt like that and you're dead.

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