Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force - Season 2

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Episode Guide

  • Episode #219
    Episode #219
    Episode 19
  • Officer on the Run
    Episode 18
    For six years Jamaican authorities have been chasing a former police officer all over the country, but ICE Senior Special Agents Jerry Di Napoli and Hector Colon have recently learned that the fugitive may have fled to the United States.
  • Catch Me If You Can
    Episode 17
    ICE Supervisor Tommy Kilbride finds himself with a newly energized cold case. His rookie Deportation Officer just worked up a new lead that puts Tommy and his team back on the trail of a dangerous fugitive who was deported over ten years ago.
  • In the Wind
    Episode 16
    ICE Supervisor Tommy Kilbride has been chasing a dangerous fugitive wanted in the questioning of an attempted murder and illegally re-entering into the United States.
  • Slippery
    Episode 15
    The streets of Camden just got a little more dangerous when a well-known criminal is wanted on four counts of attempted murder. The Task Force is busy working day and night to catch one of their most slippery felons yet.
  • The Latin King
    Episode 13
    Fugitive Task Force members are working a marathon manhunt. Nine years ago, their fugitive, a high-ranking member of the violent Latin Kings gang, allegedly kidnapped a man and shot him 23 times. Miraculously, the victim lived.
  • Gimme Shelter
    Episode 12
    Commander Lenny DePaul and his team of Marshals from the Manhattan office of the Fugitive Task Force are in the midst of a sweep rounding up some of the regions most wanted sex offenders.
  • The Streets Talk
    Episode 11
    Luddie brings a priority case to the attention of Commander Lenny DePaul. A 20-year-old is on the run after allegedly holding someone up at knifepoint.
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    Hunting down fugitives with ties to dangerous gangs is a high priority for Commander Lenny DePaul's Fugitive Task Force, especially when those fugitives are armed and dangerous. After a ranking member of the Bloods street gang flees a hospital in Trenton, NJ with a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound, Lenny asks two of his all-stars -- Detective Kevin Searing and Detective Sergeant Luddie Austin -- to lead the hunt. The two begin to scour the streets and find that people are unwilling to provide information on the fugitive's whereabouts, afraid of retaliation from local gang members. Working with very few leads, Luddie must rely on his vast network of street contacts to stay ahead of the target. The fear is that the next person the fugitive shoots won't be himself.moreless
  • Couple on the Run
    Episode 8
    Late one night, after a drug deal gone awry, a man is shot, fleeing the scene while running for his life. He ultimately collapses behind a dumpster and ends up on life support. Spring Valley Detective Roxanne Lopez puts on her US Marshal's hat as she tracks down the two key suspects--a boyfriend and girlfriend--wanted in connection to this attempted murder. When this dangerous duo appears to have skipped town, Roxy won't quit, pulling an all-nighter. An unexpected clue leads the team to look in an entirely different direction, and Roxy and Commander Lenny DePaul find themselves hundreds of miles away in Amish country hoping to give the fugitives an early morning wake-up call.moreless
  • 0.0
    A warrant was issued for a man who allegedly kidnapped and brutally raped a woman in New Jersey. Fugitive Task Force Detective Barry Johnson receives the case and briefs Commander Lenny DePaul and Detective John "JP" Petroski.
  • Mother on the Run
    Episode 6
    Fugitive Task Force Detectives Barry Johnson and John "JP" Petroski meet with Commander Lenny DePaul to discuss a troubling new case involving a mother wanted for the brutal attack on her own two children.
  • Last Dance
    Episode 5
    Commander Lenny DePaul, Detective Roxanne Lopez, and Inspector Dennis Tait, together with a team of fugitive hunters, go undercover to strip clubs in the Bronx, to ferret out an exotic dancer who is wanted for an armed robbery in Massachusetts.
  • Relentless
    Episode 4
    Commander Lenny Depaul leads his team in southern NJ on the Fugitive Task Force's toughest manhunt all year. Their fugitive is a 31 year-old male wanted for first degree murder and weapons possession.
  • Needle in a Haystack
    A high priority case comes in that a man has brutally raped a woman, luckily she was able to escape. The fugitive is on the run and the Marshals catch up with him in Tennessee. Out of the big city the Marshals struggle to keep up with the rural surroundings to track their target.moreless
  • Hip Hop Homicide
    Episode 3
    A young hip-hop star was killed outside a nightclub in Florida. The local community is outraged, and vows to help track the killer. The killer has fled to New York and the Marshals are hot on the trail. Fearing the killer might disappear forever, the search intensifies.
  • 2/3/10
    Senior Inspector Mike Romani and Deputy Michelle "Michy" Mendez get a troubling case involving a Level three sex offender. He's wanted on a probation violation and now he's sought after for questioning in the sexual assault of a 7-year-old boy.
  • Buried
    Episode 2
    Two years ago a man went missing after telling his family if he did, a certain friend was responsible. A freeze has been recovered with the man's body inside, the friend as fled to New York. The Marshals pick on his trail but find resistance from the family.
  • Chasing a Ghost
    Episode 1
    The team hopes to grab the murder suspect quickly, but tracking a fugitive through the coastal towns and rural mountainsides of Puerto Rico proves to be more difficult than expected. What starts out as a simple plan becomes dangerous nightmare.
  • Club Kingpin
    Episode 1
    The targeted fugitive is a partner in a local nightclub, and is New York City after illegally re-entering the United States. The Marshals have to send unarmed agents deep undercover, while the other wait outside to surprise the fugitive.