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Jonathan Chase is a British college professor at New York University who had the unusual ability to transform into any kind of animal. He uses his powers to battle crime alongside officer Brooke and Vietnam-war pal Ty.


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    • I liked this show

      I`m suprised that this is one of the worst shows of all time. It rocks! I loved every minute of the show and the plots really get all my undivided attention.
    • Manimal Rules!

      People are still haters after all these years. There are far worse shows than Manimal and not as many shows have such an original story. For some of us that was into comic books and things this show was made for us. A crime fighter who could change into any animal! The hawk was nice, The panther looked cool. But what can you do when you're going up against Knight Rider.moreless
    • Man morphs into any animals he wants to fight crime.

      Hey, this show was so bad now that I think about it but it was also 20 years ago, Also, this was the most repeated show in Colombian TV for that time.

      It was so famous that all of my friends would pretend to be Manimal and we would shift-shapes. It didn't matter if it was the same 7 episodes over and over again, all we wanted was to see the cool (for that time) morphing of Jonathan into these wild animals.

      As I was saying, now that i think about it, this show was BAD, it is lame and I see why i got the axe only after 7 episodes, IT SUCKED!moreless
    • This is simply a dreadfully bad show. Acting, writing, and special effects are all painfully bad.

      I remember when this show premiered back in 1983. At the time there was a bit of a trend of stories about humans who turned into animals, and there was actually a lot of hype surrounding this show's debut.

      I was 9 years old and certainly tuned in on the first night. At the time, I thought it was pretty cool and developed a picture in my mind of what the show looked like. I especially had created an image of what the guys animal transformations were like.

      Over the years, I must have embellished my memory a bit, because recently I finally managed to get my hands on a VHS copy of the show to finally see it one more time.

      Unfortunatly, I discovered that the show is actually horrendously bad. So bad, that most of us in the room watching it were laughing at its ineptness.

      On just about every level the show was a disappointment. Acting, and writing were especially bad. But even the animal transformation scenes, which I had remembered being pretty cool, were just horrible. Even by the standards of when they were done, the special effects were bad. Not only bad from a technical standpoint, but bad from an artistic standpoint as well.

      Its an ugly trainwreck of a show. Without a doubt, there are others like me who have a nice memory of this show. Hunt it down if you must, but be prepared to find a show that is much worse than your childhood memories would lead you to believe.moreless
    • Whoever created this disaster should be in prison.

      Ok, I barely remember it but I do remember feelings of feeling like I was going to hurl chunks. Ok, I need another 80 words since the minimum number of words for a review is 100. Its not as bad as My Mother The Car, but that doesnt rally matter. Only 50 words to go! Make that 43. Ok, well what more is there to say? "Surf Nazis Must Die" was Oscar material compared to MANIMAL. Maybe they could make a series about SNMD? It could star Kurt Russell as Adolf and Madonna as Eva Braun. Well, ok I finally made it to 100 words. Tootaloo.moreless

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