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  • Detective Bobby Mann is partnered with the newest form of cybernetic technology available. The technology is Sergent Eve Edison who looks to be in her twenties, but is at the developmental age of a child. A short lived series from 1992.

    Mann and Machine was a Sunday night late season replacement during the 91/92 broadcast season on NBC. Every year there are new programs that come along that just don't catch enough peoples interest or are just uneven enough that people don't give them a chance. This years version of Dollhouse which I hope does survive for many years to come.

    I finally was able to get the complete nine episodes on DVD and have enjoyed reliving this series that was a little ahead of its time.

    David Andrews (Brothers and Sisters) played Mann and Yancy Butler (Witchblade) played the Machine Eve. Mann's character had previous experience with a cybernetic partner that ended disastrously in the first episode. Eve is a much more advanced version and can learn and grow as a person as she experiences life and relationships.

    The dialogue was a little corny at times, but the acting is excellent and the sexual tension between Mann and Eve is very apparent. Mann was always trying to be very proper in their relationship and Eve who was childlike in her social thinking was unintentionally seductive and very interested in the effect she had on Mann. I was very disappointed that the series did not at least get a full season treatment as it was a mid-season replacement. Back in these years shows usually ran their full compliment of episodes 22-26 even if they were canceled after one season. Being a mid-season replacement the show only shot a much smaller sample of episodes. The show has run a few times in repeats. I would suggest giving it a look if you have the opportunity sometime. It is most likely to appear on the Sci-Fi Channel as I believe that is where it has played in the past.

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