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  • MANNIX Joe Mannix: a street-wise cop fighting crime "his way" with plenty of action and style and coolness.

    One of the longest running and most violent detective shows of its time, Mannix was seen in two formats. Originally, Joe Mannix worked for Lou Wickersham at Intertec, a sophisticated investigative firm noted for using computers and other advanced detection aids. Joe Mannix, on the other hand, relied on his own intuition and fists. Later, Mannix split off and worked out of his own office, located in the building where he lived. All in all, Mannix fought his way through nearly ten years' worth of cases.
    A terrific Private Eye show. MANNIX was a trendsetting show in the whole entire private detective TV genre and one of the first back in 1967. Joe Mannix was the original cop fighting the system and going it alone and doing it "his way". Mike Connors did a wonderful job for 8 highly successful seasons (1967-1975).The series had plenty of action scenes also as Mannix was a street-wise cop. Over the years some have claimed that it was the most "violent" series of all the TV detectives class. Mr. Mannix was always portrayed in terrific style, both clothes and cars, and carried it all off with an air of ultra-smooth coolness of character. The show also had the greatest, jazziest TV Theme Music and action-packed opening credits to boot! Long live JOE MANNIX!!!! Now to get MANNIX released on DVD.....