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  • Da da da dun!

    "Mannix" has been another joy to discover on DVD. It's got the polish of "Mission: Impossible" and the action of a Connery James Bond movie. Mike Connors is terrific, and Joseph Campanella is a great foil for him to play against. The clash of man vs. machine gives Mannix a throw-back appeal, cut from the Philip Marlowe/Sam Spade cloth and dropped into the modern world. Watching 60s TV with a 21st century mindset is always risky - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but I've been pleasantly surprised with how well "Mannix" holds up.

    Some of the plots are very strong and have shades of a Ross MacDonald novel (particularly "The Many Deaths of St. Christopher"). The good writing and the strong duo of leading men really keep "Mannix" from becoming too campy or ridiculous.

    I've only seen episodes from the first season, and the Intertech formula works so well that I'm disappointed that it went by the wayside for the rest of the series. That angle really makes the character stand out among the field of TV private eyes. While I'll check out Season 2 when (and if) it comes to DVD, I don't know how it will stack up.