Season 4 Episode 14

Round Trip to Nowhere

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jan 02, 1971 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When an intruder enters Mannix's office at night, Mannix knocks the glass lamp off his desk to kill the light and we hear the glass shattering. The next day the lamp is back on the desk, good as new.

    • The address of George and Amanda Hewitt is listed as "14705 View Lane" on the personal effects label but when Mannix enters the house the number "2400" is visible on the front.

    • The notation on George Hewitt's personal effects envelope reads "Date of Arrest," but this was adeath bycar crash andthere was no arrest.

    • The dates given in this episode are all over the place. First Amanda and George were married on April 7 and were married for less than a month when George was killed. The date on George's personal effects envelope at the police station stated October 20, 1970. The date on the note left for Albert Tucker supposedly from George on the day he was killed indicated July 20, 1970 [even if the note were phony Mannix should have noticed the discrepancy]. The date of the Monarch Air Freight plane crash was given as March 1968 while the cargo list/shipping manifest has the date as July 12.

  • Quotes

    • Joe Mannix: It's classified prints I presume
      Agent Barnes: The name is Barnes.
      Joe Mannix: And I thought it was you who ran Hewitt off that mountain road.
      Agent Barnes: If we drive like that in the Treasury Department, we lose our license. We've had on you on radar since you took off.
      Joe Mannix: Yeah,well--that's very efficient
      Agent Barnes: We do pride ourselves on our department, Mr. Mannix. Next time, call us
      Joe Mannix: I'll do that

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