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  • Season 4 Episode 23: Shadow Play

  • Mannix knocks the Chief of Police's cap off during their fight at the end, but in the next scene, it is immediately back on his head where it gets knocked off again. 

  • Season 4 Episode 22: The Color of Murder

  • This was Diane Keaton's last appearance on a Prime Time TV Series.

  • Season 4 Episode 17: With Intent to Kill

  • When Mannix asks Fender when was the last time he talked to Nicky and Fender responds "Morning of the 12th," the day Nicky supposedly killed himself, Mike Connors says the wrong word in the following line: "That was a couple of days before the Blackburn place was knocked over." Since Nicky was a suspect in that robbery, Mannix should have said AFTER. The subtitles agrees and states "after."

  • Season 4 Episode 14: Round Trip to Nowhere

  • When an intruder enters Mannix's office at night, Mannix knocks the glass lamp off his desk to kill the light and we hear the glass shattering. The next day the lamp is back on the desk, good as new.

  • The address of George and Amanda Hewitt is listed as "14705 View Lane" on the personal effects label but when Mannix enters the house the number "2400" is visible on the front.

  • The notation on George Hewitt's personal effects envelope reads "Date of Arrest," but this was adeath bycar crash andthere was no arrest.

  • The dates given in this episode are all over the place. First Amanda and George were married on April 7 and were married for less than a month when George was killed. The date on George's personal effects envelope at the police station stated October 20, 1970. The date on the note left for Albert Tucker supposedly from George on the day he was killed indicated July 20, 1970 [even if the note were phony Mannix should have noticed the discrepancy]. The date of the Monarch Air Freight plane crash was given as March 1968 while the cargo list/shipping manifest has the date as July 12.

  • Season 4 Episode 4: Figures in a Landscape

  • While Hastings is holding a gun on Mannix and Jill in the desert, he takes a drink from his canteen and splashes water on his face while walking in front of a huge mountain in the background. After walking quite a distance this scene with the wateris repeated with the same mountain visible. After stopping for the night, on the next day after Mannix and Jill take a tumble down a huge hillside, we see Hastings again walking in front of the same mountain he passed the day before. After walking a while on the side of this hill, we see Hastings again walking in front of the same mountain, but this time the footage is reversed (the design on his hat is backward.)

  • Season 4 Episode 3: Time Out of Mind

  • There is a jump cut after we see the rat walking across the hallway ofSonny's hideout, when Mannix's shadow appears immediately in the background as if he magically appeared there. The scene of Mannix appearing inthe hallway was not filmed immediately after the appearance of the rat.

  • Although murder victim Hauser is referred to as "Bud' throughout the episode, we learn from the close-up of the newspaper article that his real name is Paul.

  • When Logan is delivering bundles of newspapers off the truck, we see the heading of the paper which states "Los Angeles Chronicle." Seconds later, when Logan calls Starr, he says he's from the "Dispatch."

  • Season 4 Episode 1: A Ticket to the Eclipse

  • During the final shot of the episode, when Mannix is walking along the road with Peggy and Toby and small boy can be sitting on the left side on the road behind the bushes seemingly totally oblivious to the activity around him.

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