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  • Made me start watching Spike.

    The best satire aimed at predominately male audiences with a wide age range, primarily 1840 I have ever seen! It answered questions of a comical nature which usually relate to women and tips on how to get them to date you, sex-related questions and trivia, and defense mechanisms in deadly & harmful situations, and also firearms. The specialists with Masters and PhD degrees that were brought in and gave information from which you can learn made it all the more legit too! Shame this show had to end too along with other great TV shows on Spike like Deadliest Warrior and 1,000 Ways to Die. It was real educational. So sad that it's yet to have confirmation of a 5th season. Y_Y
  • How can you pass a drug test? How can you spot out a nark? How do you take a stripper home? All these answers and more questions like this on MANswers.

    Man, this show is awesome and hilarious. All of it of course if for entertainment purposes some of the questions they answer are guy related sometimes involving illegal activities. Pretty much the entire show revolves around the male mind with common question all guys want to know. From drugs, to beer, to girls, even to midget tossing! The show is a big hoot and is pretty funny to watch. And from A guys standpoint is actually pretty informative. It's also got a little tiny bit of good advice but its mostly mindless stuff though. Good show, I recommend it very highly.
  • A show on spike tv where they talk about questions that appeal to men

    Manswers is a relivily new show on spike tv and it does a good job of entertaing me and I like some of the questions like how long would you survive in space without a space suit the show does make for a pretty good watch but it does get old especially since they play reruns alot and some of the questions can be kind of dumb and sometimes it makes me wonder who makes up the questions for the show alot of the times I think its just some guy not actual viewers or people who submitte to the show
  • Answers to questions everyone wants to know

    It is so great. I love the questions, girls, humor, Male vs. Female deal, it is all so so so good. It is a show I'd push stuff out of the way to watch. The boob beer can one was hilarious. Wow man this is goood what else is there to say it is amazing. They need to make a lot more episodes and seasons and it will be a persanol favorite of mine so I would definatly recommend it(but not for kids because,... well ... you know. But anyways it a a definate and I mean that 8.5/ 10
  • Great Show

    I think that this show is fantastic, I love watching it for the stupid questions that they try to answer, like, do real or fake boobs float better on water, the answer, real boobs! Another Question was how skimpy a bikini would have to be to be considered Illegal, the answer, short enough to show pubic hair or the labia. And finally one last question, where is the best place to get shot, the leg, the shoulder, the butt, the arm, the answer..... you will have to watch the show to find out! All in all I would have to say that this is a great show to watch for knowlege and to get a kick out of. So tune in to Spike Tv to watch it.
  • Degrading to women

    :( it makes me very sad that they would have a show like this, it makes me depressed, it is like Pornography, just ruining relationships or getting a guy wanting to rape some girl because of the encouragement of this show. I just can't believe they would have something like this, especially in these times of life, I am a teenager, and Teenage boys get all horny, yes I will say that they get blue balls it is bad. This isn't funny. Guys will never see girls the same way again, they will always have inappropriate minds, I mean well we all do but there are some more than others and it will ruin us. I hope they stop this show soon They just show females as a joke, and....there will not be a guy that will respect a womans feelings if this goes on :(
  • Sometimes fairly interesting.

    I don't think this show is very entertaining very often. I think it gets old and often tells you things that are already a common fact in life. The sole base of the show is to inform people of things that many don't care about. There is some interesting aspects. I think some of the things they show are interesting, but it lacks any sort of freshness to it in other episodes. Kind of the same old thing over and over. Overall, I must say that it has its moments but it usually is not the best thing to watch. Thank you.