MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance

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MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance

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Ginta Toramizu is a boy who always dreamed of a fantasy world, but now has actually been teleported to one - MÄR Heaven. Ginta was always known as a scrawny guy, and now in MÄR Heaven, he's stronger than ever. When Ginta first enters the world, he meets a strange witch Dorothy, who introduces him to the powerful ÄRMs; artifacts that can possess the power to transform into weapons, summon monsters, or other abilities. Ginta finds a special ÄRM call Babbo. Babbo is special: not only is he a weapon ÄRM, but he is alive and by saying that, he can talk, drink, and move of his own accord. Babbo was once the weapon of a very powerful knight named Phantom, the leader of the Chess Pieces who has returned to conquer MÄR Heaven.

This show is now airing on Cartoon Network as a part of Toonami AND on Cartoon Network's broadband service Toonami Jetstream.

General Note on Airdates: MÄR airs on Cartoon Network and Viz's broadband service, Toonami Jetstream. Even though TV.com has broadband shows in its database, the airdates and the titles for each episode are that of it's original U.S. regular Toonami airing. The Japanese titles and airdates, and the Jetstream airdates can be found in their respective episodes. However, the Jetstream airdates will remain until the Toonami broadcast replaces them. Toonami aired some of the episodes out of order, but finally went back to airing in episodic order on February 24, 2007 at a new timeslot - 10:00pm EST.moreless
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  • Best ever show

    This is the best show I have ever watched but unfortunately it is not available to watch anymore!
  • I love this show but... One little problem i have

    I would absolutly recomend this show to anyone but, if you can, get the japanese version with english subtitles. If you have even seen both you would know why. The voices are so much better , better part and it just has a better overall feel to it. I could not even sit through an entire episode of the english version, I am sorry but I just could not.

    But for the japanese verision , i love this show,every bit of it , to the action fighting , to the humor , to the great overall plot and feel. Loved every bit of it.

    So again, great series , just personatly, did not like the english version. Weird , i know but just didnt like it.moreless
  • A great show, but in my mind relies too much on humor to be good.

    Personally, I really like this show. This show is about Ginta Toramizu, an average middle school boy who constantly daydreams about saving his own dream world. He always gets in trouble in class, and picked on by his classmates. One day, a spell is cast, and Ginta is taken away from Earth, and is sent to MAR, his dream world. Ginta, and Babo, his Arm (air-m) have many adventures together. The only real problem in this show in my mind is that this show relies too much on humor to be good. Most of the jokes though are really funny! But sometimes do get annoying over time. I like the action, and music in this show. The action is top-notch, and fun to watch. The music is very good, and rockin'. Overall great show, hilarious humor, good music, top-notch action, and cute, lovable characters. If you are looking for comedy, and action, this is the show for you!!moreless
  • MAR is a fantacy world for Ginta Torimizu, but finds out that it is not imaginary it is real.

    This is an excellent show, we all exagerate about a place that we were in at boring times. Ginta is also bullied and does other normal stuff. He is brought into his fantacy world and has 10x the power he did in the real world. Things get serious when an organization tries to destroy this woderful world, the chess pieces. Ginta must now get more powerful and make a team to stop them. This world is called MAR or Marchens Awakens Romance. It has great humor, action, plot, and can even have cool things from the show. There is magical power, that can be channeled through items called ARM. Everything comes together to make a great show.moreless
  • MAR is a guaranteed winner for me

    MAR is a great anime with all the cool characters the super cool ARMs, MAR is also short for the very long Title MAR: Marchen Awakens Heaven, which i prefer calling it just plain MAR, I got into this show because of the comics (manga) when i read it, it rocked, ruled and dominated, MAR had an attraction which was the exciting ARMs the characters would use, i also liked MAR because of it's sense of humor of the characters, it's a comedy action adventure cartoon anime show perfect for people with a wide imagination and MAR is for everyone Interested in Anime.moreless

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