MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance

Season 2 Episode 2

Accursed Candle! Ginta Vs. Kannochi!

Aired Unknown Apr 09, 2007 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

After defeating Snow, Mr. Hook walks back to his fellow Chess. He tells Rolan and Kannochi to be careful because Ginta and Alviss are stronger than they look. Rolan asks Kannochi if he wants to go next. Kannochi tumbles over and the three realize that he was asleep the entire time. Kannochi says that he'll go up next.

Elsewhere, Phantom muses over who will be Kannochi's opponent.

Alviss tells Ginta that he'll handle the Knight, Rolan, and tells Ginta to fight Kannochi. Ginta at first rejects it, but later is easily tricked into fighting the Bishop Class Kannochi. Kannochi soon reveals his ÄRM, a candle.

Dorothy comments to the crowd that it's a Darkness ÄRM, Body Candle. Nanashi asks how to counter the curse, and Dorothy says that Ginta must destroy the ring. At the same time, Alviss yells out to Ginta to destroy Kannochi's ring. Just then, Kannochi swallows it. Ginta says that he'll pound it out of his stomach, and almost succeeds.

Ginta begins to sweat profusely, and Kannochi comments that the candle on top of his head is actually Ginta. Ginta has become a candle! Kannochi says that Ginta will soon melt away and disappear.

Jack asks if there's another way to stop the curse, and Snow says that there is, but Ginta doesn't have it. Alan comments that if he had known Kannochi was a Darkness ÄRM user, then he would have fought him instead. Nanashi says that Ginta has to give up, but Dorothy says that Ginta would never give up because he's captain. Phantom also comments to himself that Ginta may disappear here.

Ginta asks Kannochi why he joined the Chess. Kannochi says that since he's been surrounded by battle his entire life, peace bores him and only thrill and excitement do it for him.

Ginta tells Babbo that it's time and he uses Babbo Version 4, Sacred Guardian, Alice. This Holy ÄRM Guardian relieves Ginta of Kannochi's curse. With the curse now gone, Ginta tells Kannochi that it's time to start the fight over. However, Kannochi beings to melt, as the Darkness ÄRM takes it's payment on him for being used. As Kannochi melts away he tells Ginta that the real fight with the Chess starts with the Knights and is only beginning. Kannochi then disappears.

Pozan declares Team MÄR the winners of the match and round, but to determine who can fight next, the last match must be fought. Rolan, a Knight Class, steps up to fight Alviss.
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