MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance

Season 2 Episode 3

Another Zombie Tattoo! Alviss Vs. Rolan!

Aired Unknown Apr 23, 2007 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Ginta returns to the group after defeating Kannochi and they discuss "Alice", Babbo's new female version. They talk about Kannochi and Alan tells Ginta that if they don't keep fighting they'll die.

Phantom is looking forward to Alviss' match against Rolan and Alviss seems just as excited. Rolan, however, asks Pozan if their battle is really necessary. He is told that, of course it is necessary, to determine who goes on to fight later. Rolan, his smile never disappearing, decides he obviously has no choice and steps up to fight. Ginta and the others wonder how Rolan can be a Knight when he doesn't appear to be strong at all.

Rolan remembers fighting Alviss before and Alviss says he let Rolan run away, but won't this time. The match begins and Alviss launches his 13 Totem Pole attack. Rolan runs from the attack, squealing and everyone wonders about it, but Alan points out that Rolan dodged every single pole, escaping from Alviss' attack unscathed.

Rolan retaliates with his Nature ÄRM, Stone Cube, an attack that forms exploding rocks. Alviss is injured and holds his shoulder when he falls to the ground. Rolan notices the tattoo on Alviss' arm and remarks that he, too, was given Phantom's blessing. He reveals his own tattoo. Everyone is surprised.

Alviss asks Rolan why he would want to be cursed. There is a flashback to when Phantom gave Alviss the curse mark. Rolan asks why Alviss wouldn't want Phantom's blessing, and reveals that he asked Phantom to give him the mark. Rolan explains his past, and how he felt invisible, a young boy living on the street, until he met Phantom. He remembers their first meeting and has followed Phantom since that day. He feels proud to have Phantom's approval.

Alviss and Rolan launch their own attacks and Rolan's Stone Cubes destroy Alviss' Totem Poles. Ginta and the others are getting increasingly worried about him, but Alviss fights back with his Totem Poles. Alan knows Rolan is more powerful than he has let on. Rolan summons a Magma Snake and Alviss is thrown into the air and slammed by the snake. As the snake dives for him again, everyone watches intensely.