MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance

Season 2 Episode 3

Another Zombie Tattoo! Alviss Vs. Rolan!

Aired Unknown Apr 23, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • An interesting episode that shows us the grey area of the War Games. It provides some nice insight into how Alviss and Rolan each feel about their tattoos.

    The episode is a little slow to begin with, but seems necessary to establish the aloof nature of Rolan. He seems like a cowardly sort and, along with Ginta and his friends, we wonder how serious this guy really is. But when he finally agrees to battle, we can tell there is more to Rolan than meets the eye.

    Rolan's character provides comic relief, as well as installing sympathy in the audience with his back story about how he met Phantom. It shows us again that the Chess Pieces are just as human as the good guys, and that, although they're fighting alongside the bad guys, they are not all evil. Rolan is a loveable character whose past makes it hard to choose sides.

    Alviss, cool as ever, maintains his seriousness throughout the fight and never lets his guard down, which gives us more respect for Alviss' experience. His hatred for his tattoo is a hash contrast to Rolan's pride of his own identical mark, and shows that there is a good and bad way to look at things. It's a powerful moral.

    The battle itself is intense, though this is a little broken up by the constant flashbacks. However, it maintain's it's pace, and the cliffhanger ending leaves you impatient for the next episode.