MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance

Season 2 Episode 8

Aqua, Akko, and The Nanashi Method!

Aired Unknown Jul 02, 2007 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The Bishop Class girl, Aqua, steps up to fight, while Nanashi takes up the challenge. Elsewhere, Phantom asks a mysterious, shadowed Knight if he would like to fight Nanashi…

Nanashi tells Aqua that she can go first, and she uses her Guardian ÄRM to summon Akko-chan, a giant clam. Nanashi counters with his spear, but can't damage the clam's hard shell. Akko-chan attacks Nanashi, but Nanashi manages to avoid all the attacks.

Rapunzel tells Aqua to stop wasting time and kill him. Aqua recalls Akko-chan and summons a pair of skates. She then skates a circle around Nanashi. Suddenly, a giant shark emerges from the circle and eats Nanashi! Aqua explains that it's her Nature ÄRM, Supikara. Ginta calls out in sorrow for Nanashi, who then cuts through the shark's head with his spear and escapes.

Not wanting to be punished by Rapunzel, Aqua summons Akko-chan again. She jumps inside it and causes it to spin around. Nanashi eyes his Thunder ÄRM, Electric Eye to shock Akko-chan and Aqua. Pozan is about to declare Nanashi the winner, but Nanashi falls to the ground claiming it a draw. Much to Pozan's confusion, he calls the match a draw. Nanashi tells Aqua to value her life.

Rapunzel tells Aqua that being pitied by her opponent is bad and that they must play Rock-Paper-Scissors. Aqua wins, but Girom impales her with his ice attack. Ginta runs at Girom, declaring that he'll never forgive him.
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