MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance

Season 2 Episode 8

Aqua, Akko, and The Nanashi Method!

Aired Unknown Jul 02, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Why must the cute die young?

    Nanashi never learns. Once again, he battles a girl due to his pervertedness. Aqua, according to her name, is a Water User. Despite her bubbly attitude, she is quite strong. I honestly have no idea why she is part of the Chess Pieces. Moreover, it is truly shameful to make her a one-shot character with far too many cameos. She fails to defeat Bakashi, but wins Janken (the Japanese version of Rock, Paper, Sissors). What a cheap trick to make Ginta angry enough to learn a life lesson in the next episode. I cry for you, Aqua. Rest in peace.
  • Its Aqua-chan vs Nanashi! Aqua is so cute! Nanashi is a sucker for the ladies so Nanashi will leave himself open for attack most likely. Jack and Ginta call Aqua-chan puri puri which means cutey, they are correct to me because Aqua-chan is so cute!

    Nanashi has to face off against Aqua-chan! Nanashi says ladies first so he acts like a gentleman and lets Aqua-chan make the first move. Aqua-chan uses a Guardian ARM to summon a giant clam that she calles Akko-chan. Akko-chan then moves slowly trying to ram into Nanashi, but sadly the clam is to slow and keeps missing. So then cute little Aqua-chan calls back Akko and then starts to skate around and around and around Nanashi while he just stands there like an idiot, Aqua-chan then blows the sea shell horn on top of her head. Then out the ice comes a giant whale with a giant horn that eats Nanashi, then everyone things all hope is lost. Suddenly the whale comes out of the water after Nanashi stabbed it with his Griffon Lance and Nanashi is back. Then Aqua-chan is worried a bit, so she then goes to extreme meases and bring Akko-chan back and she gets inside of Akko-chan's shell and starts to spin towards Nanashi. Nanashi dodges for his life, but he then uses the Electric Eye to zap the clam and it then stops spining and Aqua-chan is real dizzy, and then she falls down. Then she is just about to be declared the loser when Nanashi says he's beat so its a draw. Then to decide Aqua's fate she plays rock-paper-scissors with Rapunzel and Aqua gets scissor's and Rapunzel gets paper, but then Girom comes and stabs Aqua because he says he was rock. So this is where I am pissed, then Ginta is mad so he gets ready to battle Girom.
    This episode was so great, but Aqua-chan deserved to live, but Girom and Rapunzel didn't want her to live, I surely hope those two die. Aqua-chan was so cute and so young. Nanashi was so nice to her, he should have thrown the match from the start to me so she won completely. This ep was so sad and it really shows the darker side of the Chess. I like the Chess Pieces, but some of them are just plain cruel and I don't like that. I hope Rapunzel and Girom get what they deserve in the future. I just wanted to cry so much in the end because I was sad from Aqua's death, yet I was so angry at Girom and Rapunzel.