MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance

Season 2 Episode 9

Girom Counterattacks! Egola Vs. Gargoyle!

Aired Unknown Jul 16, 2007 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Ginta and Girom begin to fight. Pozan states that he hasn't started the match yet, but Rapunzel tells him to hurry up and do so. He does, and Ginta officially begins the fight against the Bishop.

Ginta charges at Girom, sloppily dodging his ice attacks. Finally, a still angry Ginta summons Gargoyle. Girom counters with Egora, his giant ice guardian. Egora beats Gargoyle down, who then transforms back into Babbo.

Alviss states that Ginta is being driven by his emotions, while Nanashi thinks to himself that Ginta's anger will get in the way. Meanwhile, Phantom says that if Ginta cannot utilize his anger in battle, he won't become a good warrior.

As Egora picks Ginta up, Girom tells him that the ice around them makes him as strong as a Knight. Egora then throws Ginta down into the ground! Girom continues to provoke and anger Ginta.

Ginta tells Babbo to try Gargoyle one more time. Babbo tells Ginta that he won't He tells him that while he has a right to be angry, he needs to calm down. Ginta heeds his advice and uses Babbo, Version 1. He manages to get a hit on Girom while his magical power increases.

After Ginta defends Girom's next attack with Version 2, Girom uses his Nature ÄRM to create a rift in the ice, which swallows Ginta up. Just as Pozan is about to declare Girom the winner, Ginta emerges, surrounded by a shield – Babbo Version 5, Cushion Jelly. Everyone is shocked, but happy. Ginta tells them that he just thought of the ability, which absorbs every attack, while falling.

Girom gets angry and summons Egora again. Ginta summons Gargoyle, and the two Guardians fight. Gargoyle rips Egora's arms off and destroys Girom's ÄRM. Girom asks for forgiveness, and Ginta hits him away and tells him to reflect on his actions again. Pozan declares Ginta the winner.

An angry Rapunzel steps up and demands Ginta fight the last round too.