MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance

Season 1 Episode 3

Jack's Battle Shovel in Action!

Aired Unknown Mar 10, 2007 on Cartoon Network



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    • Babbo: How dare you put a gentleman in your mouth!?

    • Ginta's Mom: I hope you're hungry Ginta! Tonight mom's trying something special called curry pizza enchiladas.
      Ginta: Let's hope it's edible this time.

    • Jack: That howling again! It's a warning that those two will be back here tomorrow and they'll eat our vegetables.
      Ginta: Who will be here?
      Jack: The Rogelu Brothers! Those two are werewolf thieves!
      Ginta: Werewolves? That's awesome! Do they talk and stuff?
      Jack: No they're not cool, they're not awesome, they're thieves!
      Ginta: Oh.

    • Garou Rogelu: We're vegetarians so we don't eat people but our claws can still cut him open so as long as we don't swallow we can still cut him open!

    • Ginta: Don't you think helping people in need is the type of thing a gentleman such as yourself should be doing?

    • Babbo: What! You want to put paint on my shiny body!?
      Ginta: Sure do. Babbo: How dare you! I would never do anything that my damage my glistening silver perfection! Have you completely lost you mind boy!?
      Ginta: You're looking at it all wrong Babbo. You know you don't wear clothes anyway.
      Babbo: Don't go there.
      Ginta: It's fine! When you're round you can't wear clothes so we just have to paint some on!
      Babbo: You mean…
      Ginta: Fashion you know. A true gentleman has to be fashionable.

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