MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance

Season 1 Episode 15

John Peach: The Seventh Team Member?

Aired Unknown Feb 03, 2007 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The sun rises and Ginta awakens. The others tell him that he slept straight through the night. Snow soon learns that Ginta used his Version 3 attacks. Just then, all the villagers come running out cheering for Ginta and the others, exclaiming that they're going to through a party for them.

Unbeknownst to them, a boy with three creatures, Burube, Torobe, and Garobe, loom on a nearby cliff. Mistaking Team MÄR for Chess Pieces, he charges down. Between the cliff and Vestry, the boy, named John Peach, comes across two thieves who just robbed some loot from the town.

Self-proclaiming himself hero of MÄR, John uses his Weapon ÄRM, Thousand Arm. One of the thieves counter with a Guardian ÄRM, Demon Tarantula. The three little creatures run and hide, too afraid to look. John charges at the Guardian ÄRM and is knocked back easily. Just then the Demon Tarantula sucks the thief into a black hole. The other runs away scared.

Oblivious to what really happened, the three little creatures run out praising John. Going along with it, John says that he now has a new rare ÄRM and lots of loot. The three little creatures remind him that it belongs to Vestry.

In Vestry, Ginta and the others sit and talk, awaiting the banquet at night. Ed and Snow discuss the seventh member of the team, when suddenly John Peach arrives. He looks at Ginta and mistakes him for the leader of the Chess Pieces who attacked the village. Using his Weapon ÄRM, Battle Hoe, he attacks Ginta.

After causing a commotion, Ginta explains the situation to John. Snow ponders to Ed that he may be the seventh member. She then invites him to join them, much to everyone's protests. John declines, saying that they can just be his henchmen instead.

Just then, the villagers notice all the treasure. One of the creatures, Burube, says that John stopped the thieves who stole it and retrieved it. John then states that he's ready to accept the treasure as a reward.

Angry, Ginta challenges John to a match, saying that if he wins John has to return all of the treasure to the townspeople, but if John wins they'll become his henchmen. Snow than declares that the challenge will be a foot race!

Snow lays out the course – the two must run around a Volcano in the distance and then return. After the two run off, Nanashi expresses his desire to see the entire race. Dorothy exclaims that she has a solution, her Dimension ÄRM, Watching Bird.

John uses an ÄRM to hop on skis and easily passes Ginta, but is unable to turn and crashes into the woods. Unknown to Ginta, Ginta runs faster in an attempt to catch up to John. To make up for the lost time, John uses a Dimension ÄRM, Missing Ring, but transports himself to inside the volcano by accident!

Ginta crosses the finish line, believing that he lost. Jack tells him that he won, and soon Dorothy's Bird ÄRM shows them that John is inside the volcano, hanging on for dear life!

John is rescued and brought back to the finish line. Ginta tells him to fulfill his promise because he lost, but John won't accept it. Snow lectures him, telling him what it means to be a true hero. John's three friends also express their disappointment in him.

Suddenly the thief from earlier arrives with his friends in an attempt to reclaim their stolen treasure. John tells the others not to interfere, thinking to himself that this is his chance to regain his honor amongst his friends.

John uses his Weapon ÄRM, Battle Hoe to attack the thieves, but is easily defeated. Not wanting to lose any more respect, John uses his new Guardian ÄRM, Demon Tarantula. The giant spider attacks John. Dorothy explains that it's so rare because the ancient ÄRM doesn't follow anyone's orders and won't return to ÄRM status until it devours the person who summoned it.

Dorothy then tells the three little creatures that John couldn't have possibly defeated it by himself. The three creatures then jump in front of John and attempt to sacrifice their lives for him, saying that he's the only one who can defeat the Chess Pieces. John jumps on the spider's leg and tells them to stop and run away. Ginta uses Version 2 and returns the spider to ÄRM status, freeing the thief form earlier.

As the sun sets, John Peach apologizes for the trouble he caused them. He says that just because he was the strongest in his hometown, didn't mean that he was a hero. Ginta and Babbo disagree, saying that he can become stronger and a true hero.

As John walks off into the distance, Snow states that he wasn't their sevenths member after all. They then walk back toward the village for the feast.

Elsewhere, Phantom sits on his throne, addressing his men. He says that the real fight is about to begin.