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MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance

Season 1 Episode 12

Nanashi, Chief of Luberia!

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Nanashi, Chief of Luberia!
The group decides to make a new army in MÄR Heaven called Team MÄR! After making the decision, they decide to head to Hild Continent on a flying. When they arrive, they are attacked by the Thieves Guild of Luberia and their leader – Nanashi! Is Nanashi friend or foe?moreless

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  • Nanashi arrives.

    After dealing with Ian, Ginata and the other decide to make a new group called Team MAR. This group includes Jack, Dorothy, Alan, Snow, Ginata, and Babbo. Ed than brings out an ARM flying carpet that flies them to the Hild Contenent. Their a the Thieves Guild attacks them for thinking they are Chess Pieces. The leader of the Thieves, Nanashi, takes them back to their base where they find out about what is happening with MAR and learn a little about what will happen in the comming days. Then a man tells them about Chess Pieces in Vestry. Nanashi transports them all their and Ginata see first hand what the Chess Pieces are capable of. This is a good episode because we finally see Nanashi and see Team MAR as a world power.moreless
  • And so, we finally meet Nanashi!

    This episode was pretty good. Finally, we find out who that guy with the blonde hair was... The suspense was killing me... He's the leader of the Cross Guards and he can transport people.

    The group finally decides to unite as one (Dorothy, Ginta, Babbo, Snow, Alan, Ed, ect). They call themselves "Team MÄR"... How original...

    Suddenly, a magic carpet comes and Team MÄR jumps on it. The carpet is about to transport them somewhere, but then suddenly, the carpet is shot down by The Cross Guards.

    Ginta introduces himself, telling him that he is not a part of the Chess Pieces and the two immediately become friends. At first, Nanashi is skeptical, but he sees Dorothy and falls in love, therefore gaining a friendship with Team MÄR.

    Towards the end, Nanashi finds out that the Chess Pieces are attacking a local town. Team MÄR agrees to help Nanashi stop them, so Nanashi transports them to the crime scene. When they get there, the place is a total wreck, and the episode ends there.

    At the end of the episode, it was revealed that we'll see Nanashi fight next episode... Ooh, this should be good...moreless
Amanda Winn Lee

Amanda Winn Lee

Gido (Eng.)

Guest Star

Dai Matsumoto

Dai Matsumoto

Halloween (Jap.)

Guest Star

Megumi Toyoguchi

Megumi Toyoguchi

Gido (Jap.)

Guest Star

Shinji Kawada

Shinji Kawada

Ian (Jap.)

Recurring Role

Jessica Straus

Jessica Straus

Ginta's Mother (Eng.)

Recurring Role

Sayori Ishizuka

Sayori Ishizuka

Ginta's Mother (Jap.)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When the group first forms Team MÄR, Ginta says there are 8 members of the group. However, even if you were to include Edward as two people and Babbo, that only adds up to 7. Later, Snow says Nanashi is their 6th member, meaning Edward is counted as one, and Babbo isn't counted at all.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Halloween (as Ian is in chains): So, was it worth it Ian. You disobeyed orders and even worse, you returned here after that kid beat you. What you did was foolish and believe me you will be punished. It's a shame you deserted, you missed all the fun watching those pathetic humans try to escape our wrath (Halloween laughs). It's subordination cost you that joyous sight. You chose instead to go and fight with that worthless boy.
      Ian: I thought Ginta would be a little more entertaining. Whatever! Just torture me already.
      Halloween (after he laughs): Oh we're not doing a thing to you, Ian. What was that Pawn's name? Gido, wasn't it.
      Gido (as Ian remembers): I'm so sorry Ian, sorry.
      Ian: Hey! No, come on. Halloween. Please, I was the one who dragged her into this. Why don't you just punish me? It's not her fault. Punish me Halloween. Leave her alone
      Halloween: Why are you so worked up over a lowly Pawn. You're getting off easy here Ian. You're just being held here for a little while (Halloween laughs as Ian tries to break free). I wonder who will enact the punishment? Candice and Weasel are bad enough, but just imagine how bad it would be if we chose Chimera.
      Gido (as Ian remembers): Congradulations Ian! I heard they promoted you to Rook today. Wow, you have the earring and everything. Guess you did it faster than me, huh! You deserve it. I'll catch up though. Let's both be Knights together someday. Once Phantom is resurrected, we can both join him in purifying the world.
      Halloween (as he walks away): I'm looking forward to the day you can, Ian. Believe me (Halloween laughs)!
      Ian: HALLOWEEN!
      Gido (as Ian remembers): I love you Ian!

    • Nanashi: So, the princess of Lestava, a kid from another world, a strange ÄRM once used by Phantom. No wonder they're after you guys. But instead of running, you establish Team MÄR to fight them.

    • Nanashi: (after seeing Snow and Dorothy) How could I have missed these two hotties? I could never steal from such hot babes! No way! I'd rather take them to dinner!

    • Dorothy: (peeved) What was that? Did you say somethin', dog?
      Edward: (nervous) Ah! It was, uh, nothing! I just mentioned how beautiful you looked in the breeze! Dorothy: Oh, thanks! Aw, what a cute little poochie you are!

    • Ginta: It's just like Aladdin! Snow: What's Aladdin?
      Ginta: Uh... it's a story about flying carpets!

    • Ginta: (after Jack asks about his dog tag) What do you think? Snow made it for me. Pretty cool, huh?
      Jack: (trying to hide how jealous he is) Sweet, looks good... Dorothy: Ginta, you can have my dagger ring--here!
      Ginta: I already have Babbo's dagger ÄRM, so I don't need it!
      Dorothy: (crushed) Waaaahhh!!!
      Babbo: (laughs) They modeled that dog tag after me--an excellent decision, in my opinion. Look at its circular perfection, its stately nose, its well-groomed facial hair! Couldn't be more perfect.

    • Ginta's Mother: (talking about fairy tales) I don't want to believe in them anymore! They took my husband from me, and now...Ginta's gone too. Ginta!

    • Koyuki: (to Ginta's mother) 'Scuse me, ma'am, I made you some fried chicken today.

    • Ginta: Counting Snow, that makes us an army of 8, right? Once we're complete, we're going to need a name, though, and my vote is for Team MÄR, huh? What do you guys think?

  • NOTES (3)