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  • Best ever show

    This is the best show I have ever watched but unfortunately it is not available to watch anymore!
  • I love this show but... One little problem i have

    I would absolutly recomend this show to anyone but, if you can, get the japanese version with english subtitles. If you have even seen both you would know why. The voices are so much better , better part and it just has a better overall feel to it. I could not even sit through an entire episode of the english version, I am sorry but I just could not.
    But for the japanese verision , i love this show,every bit of it , to the action fighting , to the humor , to the great overall plot and feel. Loved every bit of it.
    So again, great series , just personatly, did not like the english version. Weird , i know but just didnt like it.
  • A great show, but in my mind relies too much on humor to be good.

    Personally, I really like this show. This show is about Ginta Toramizu, an average middle school boy who constantly daydreams about saving his own dream world. He always gets in trouble in class, and picked on by his classmates. One day, a spell is cast, and Ginta is taken away from Earth, and is sent to MAR, his dream world. Ginta, and Babo, his Arm (air-m) have many adventures together. The only real problem in this show in my mind is that this show relies too much on humor to be good. Most of the jokes though are really funny! But sometimes do get annoying over time. I like the action, and music in this show. The action is top-notch, and fun to watch. The music is very good, and rockin'. Overall great show, hilarious humor, good music, top-notch action, and cute, lovable characters. If you are looking for comedy, and action, this is the show for you!!
  • MAR is a fantacy world for Ginta Torimizu, but finds out that it is not imaginary it is real.

    This is an excellent show, we all exagerate about a place that we were in at boring times. Ginta is also bullied and does other normal stuff. He is brought into his fantacy world and has 10x the power he did in the real world. Things get serious when an organization tries to destroy this woderful world, the chess pieces. Ginta must now get more powerful and make a team to stop them. This world is called MAR or Marchens Awakens Romance. It has great humor, action, plot, and can even have cool things from the show. There is magical power, that can be channeled through items called ARM. Everything comes together to make a great show.
  • MAR is a guaranteed winner for me

    MAR is a great anime with all the cool characters the super cool ARMs, MAR is also short for the very long Title MAR: Marchen Awakens Heaven, which i prefer calling it just plain MAR, I got into this show because of the comics (manga) when i read it, it rocked, ruled and dominated, MAR had an attraction which was the exciting ARMs the characters would use, i also liked MAR because of it's sense of humor of the characters, it's a comedy action adventure cartoon anime show perfect for people with a wide imagination and MAR is for everyone Interested in Anime.
  • MAR 10/10

    i like MAR and the storey line. i am from asutralia and its cartoon network doesnt show very much anime anymore it shows like teen titens and those kinds of shows i dont like. i like naruto MAR and would like to see more of these shows on cartoon network. i give MAR 10/10. This is my first review so i dont really know what to write so this probably will be nothing like what your suppose to write lol owell i think thats it anyways.

    P.S if anyone knows any sites that i can watch MAR episodes pls messege me.
  • Another great and original anime....

    Ginta is a daydreaming boy that someone could characterize as the perfect example of "bellow average", until one day his life is about to change forever when a person from another dimension summons him to his world.What Ginta realizes soon after his arrival to that new world, MAR heaven, is that everything about him is...simply astonishing:Great stenght, eyesight and speed!He became without realizing it a superhuman!Soon after his encounter with a woman called Dorothy who claims to be a witch, he obtais a weird artifact, known as ARM, Bappo that can be used as a weapon.Will Ginta manage along with Bappo to save MAR Heaven, the main reaon why he was summoned there, or not?
  • will it return to tv?

    will this show return to toonami ever I would really like it too I like this show but you can watch it on toonami jetstream although I lost track of this show but it's a good show a boy named Ginta joins a universe called MAR and is with a talking airm named babbo and a witch named dorothy and a teen named jack and a talking animal named Edward I dont know what animal it is? and a princess named snow and a pervert named nanashi and a emo named alviss they must go against the chess pieces to save mar.
  • Great Anime

    Ginta Toramizu is a boy who always dreamed of a fantasy world, but now has actually been teleported to one - MÄR Heaven. When Ginta first enters the world, he meets a strange witch Dorothy, who introduces him to the powerful ÄRMs; artifacts that can possess the power to transform into weapons, summon monsters, or other abilities. Ginta finds a special ÄRM call Babbo. Babbo is special: not only is he a weapon ÄRM, but he is alive and by saying that, he can talk, drink, and move of his own accord. Babbo was once the weapon of a very powerful knight named Phantom, the leader of the Chess Pieces who has returned to conquer MÄR Heaven.
  • A guy named Ginta fantasizes about a world called M.A.R. Then a guy named alviss opens a gate to get anybody to save M.A.R from the chess peices. So Ginta goes to M.A.R. and mets his airm bob-bo. They go and make a team and fight the chess peices.

    This is a really good show that not a lot of people watch. It is a little corny at the begining but it got a lot better once you understand it. The plot of the show is pretty good but could be a little better. It is a pretty good action show but they talk a lot and don't get down to the action. The animation is great one of my favorites. There aren't many filler episodes though which is great. The battles aren't really long and take 3-5 episodes. The fights are usally a episode long sometimes 2 but not often. the show is an all around great show and in my top 5 favorites.
  • This anime is about a 14 year old boy named Ginta who dreams about a fantasy world that he believes is real until one day he is summoned there and his exciting adventure begins!

    This anime is great it has, lots of depth and background as well, each character is unique in their own way. Not to mention they all have a little fairytale relation for example... (jack and the beanstalk) it's a very exciting anime that will make you wish you could be there too! I recommend this anime to people of any type it has some romance,plenty of humor, lots of action and is just plain awesome beyond comparison!It's honestly the best anime I have ever seen, I absolutely love it!

    this anime in my opinion surpasses even some of the best anime and is a great family anime one that people of all ages can enjoy!
  • Team MÄR consists of the series' eight main protagonists; Ginta Toramizu, Babbo, Snow, Jack, Alviss, Alan/Edward, Dorothy, and Nanashi. The team was formed to fight the Chess Pieces in the War Games.

    The story follows Ginta Toramizu, a hyper and easily excitable boy who has always dreamed of a fantasy world, and has been transported to one, the world of MÄR-Heaven, by an extremely powerful Dimension ÄRM known as "Gate Keeper Clown." It was used in desperation by the world of MÄR-Heaven, which is in a period of oppression and instability caused by the mysterious reappearance of the Chess Piece Army. The "Gate Keeper Clown" goes as far as to pluck the surprised and shocked Ginta out of his classroom during a fairly typical day of school, where, being a dreamer, he is constantly heckled by his classmates for his lack of physical prowess, except for his childhood friend Koyuki who encourages him to tell her about the dreams. Upon appearing in MÄR-Heaven, his physical weakness is replaced with physical strength as well as incredible stamina and endurance. The explanation given was that the gravity was lower in MÄR-Heaven, thereby bestowing relative strength and endurance on Ginta. However, no explanation was given for his improved eyesight. Ginta, who on Earth was a typical video game geek and underachieving student with a drunkard chain-smoking writer for a mother, finds his wildest dreams come true by discovering a world beyond his own where he can be someone else. Ginta quickly meets the mysterious witch Dorothy, who introduces him to the powerful magical items called "ÄRMs"(pronounced air-um). Dorothy plans to obtain the mysterious ÄRM Babbo, and brings Ginta along. Babbo is extremely special for an ÄRM: he can be shaped into different forms with the use of imagination and possesses a will of his own. However, he has lost all this memory, and considering himself a "gentleman". After saving Dorothy from Babbo's guardian, Ginta becomes the new owner of Babbo, though at first they do not get along. He continues on a journey of discovery, reveling in this new world, but also finds that he misses the real world. Eventually Ginta forms resolves to find a way to reach home while enjoying as much of MÄR-Heaven as he can along the way. However, it is not long before Ginta finds out that the world of MÄR-Heaven is not as peaceful as it seems, as he is attacked by thieves wishing to steal Babbo (who is wanted by the Chess Pieces Army). He soon meets Alviss, the person who brought him to MÄR-Heaven using the Gate Keeper Clown, and acknowledges the upcoming war with the Chess Piece Army. The army aims to destroy the peace of MÄR-Heaven. Many more secrets and characters come to light, especially that of the epic MÄR-Heaven War six years ago, in which a mysterious man called Danna (lit. 'Boss' in Japanese, and in the Toonami Jetstream Anime) from Ginta's world defeated the champion knight of the Chess Piece Army, Phantom (the former owner of Babbo), ending the first MÄR-Heaven War. However, he gave his life in the process. As time passes, the story reveals that Phantom has been resurrected and wants to start another reign of terror over the world, with the help of the evil queen of Lestava.
  • In chess remember the queen is always the strongest piece. phantom is ranked as king and there are a only a few revealed knights such as Rolan, Peta, Halloween and Repunzel. Spoilers

    Ginta gets summoned to the world of MAR by a boy named Alviss using a special arm called the gate keeper clown. the clown can summon up to 6 people depending on how the dice is rolled. It came up one so Koyuki had to be left behind. Ginta has to help stop Phantom one of the highest ranked chess pieces and save the world of MAR. Ginta's arm is called Babbo its a special arm that was fused with Ginta's father after he was defeated by Phantom in the war 4 years ago and took hi body. But since his father has no memory he only knows the name of the arm he resides in. Babbo has a total of 5 forms currently version 1a is a hammer and version 1b is a dagger
    version 2 is a bubble blaster the bubbles explode on contact
    version 3 is a guardian called gargoyle which can shot a powerful blast concentraited through its halo or chakram it keeps in its mouth
    version 4 is a guardian called aliss which can heal and remove curses
    and we have yet to know what version 5 is.
    after version 5 there's only 3 more spots left.

    Princess Snow Lastasia is the heir to her kingdom and her evil step mother the queen wants to kill her so that there's no one to take the throne. Snow specialises in using ice nature arm. and her guardian is a giant snowman she named yukichin. She can make as many as 4 at a time of him. But so far she has been proven to be unable to fight in hot area's. she shares dreams with Koyuki and wonders if they feel the same way about Ginta.

    Allan is one of the few poeple from the crossguard who is strong enough to oppose the chesspieces. to them he's ranked as Knight class. Allan's nature arm is air which he uses to destroy things from medium distance about 10 ft.
    he fought Halloween in the last war but was fused with ed and couldn't help in the war. Now thanks ot Ginta and Babbo he's unfused and raring to go.

    Nanashi is the leader of Nubaria and a thieves guild. He uses lightning nature arm but also has a weapon arm a lance and a shield arm. he likes to flirt around with many women and as tradition to anime he's a philanderer. He's after Peta a knight class and second only to phantom. Peta used some kind of amr to drain the people of lubaria's blood. He has sworn to get revenge even if it costs him his life.

    Dorothy is a powerful witch and relative to queen some how. She's very powerful and has some strong arm such as her 3 knoown guardians Raindog which she named Toto Budiken a giant tin man Leogun a flying lion and her brooms is also a weapon arm. She's out to kill queen for whatever reason.

    Jack is a young boy who's drean is to climb high into the sky. His father was killed in the last war and he's sworn to aveng him. He's using his father's weapon amr a battle shovel which thanks to Dorothy was equipped with 4 magic stones to make it a weapon nature arm. It can stimulate plant growth and can create a fissure in the ground. His newest ability for fighting against women was to use mushrooms that induce halucinations. He's not brave and most people think his face resembles that of a monkey.

    Alviss is a boy who was cursed by phantom in the last war. As soon as the zombie tatoo finishes working its way through
    his body he'll become a living corpse. Only phantoms death is said to remove it. Alviss uses a weapon arm called thirteen totempole it comes in its huge form and its staff form.
  • This show rocks!!!!!

    Ginta Torimizu, a wimpy 8th grader, is taken away from his school and teleported to MAR, the world of his dreams. in MAR there are jewelry that give people special powers called ArM. Ginta finds a legendary ArM called Babbo and along with six other people (Snow, Dorthy, Alviss, Nanashi,Jack, and Alan) to fight an evil organization called the Chess pieces. these kids fight the Chess pieces in the second great war to save MAR. The war consists of 7 battles with each person fighting. Ginta is named the captian of Team MAR. together these youths try to defeat the Chess
  • About a person named Ginta who comes to another world and he discovers new things such as arm and he makes new friends like Jack. And now the chess pieces are starting another great war and they need to stop it.

    It's a terrific show and should stay on the air for a long time, and should never go away.a a aa a a addh h jsdh jfb j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j jj j j j j j j j j j j jj j j j j j j jj j j j j j j j j j j jj j j j j j jj j j j j jj j j j j j j j j j jjj j j j j And it is about a person named Ginta comes to another world and he discovers new things such as arm and he makes new friends like Jack. And now the chess pieces are starting another great war and they need to stop it.
  • Ginta is a junior high school student who wants to live in a world of fantasy, One day, a mysterious door appears in his classroom.

    It is now aired on toonami and cartoon network. at cartoon network, it is showed at 10:30 pm.

    MAR: Marchen Awakens Romance is a story revolving around 14 year old Ginta Toramizu, who dreams constantly of the Land of Marchen, a world where all of the fairy tales are true, and magic still exists. He's often picked on in school, and his own mother, a fantasy writer, even tells him that such a place does not exist. Only his best friend, Koyuki, ever listens to his dreams and encourage him in his hopes. Then one day he finds himself face to face with a creature who invites him through a gate that leads to the land he's only dreamed of! Delighted at the idea, Ginta eagerly enters, and wakes up to find all of his dreams have come true. Oddly, his coming to this world has made him stronger, faster, and have an increased stamina.

    This is an awesome show and indeed a MUST-WATCH!
  • A show that redefines how the world works, by creating it's own.

    MÄR is a show about Ginta Toramizu, a boy who always dreamed of living in a fantasy world filled with magic and monsters. Little does he know that his fantasy is about to become reality, when he is summoned to the world of MÄR, in it's time of crisis. MÄR is a world of magic and danger, filled with magical items called arm. Arm can transform into anything from swords and daggers, to giant lions to defend their masters. Ginta stumbles across a rare arm named Babo, a mace that has the odd ability to talk and act like a person.

    At first I was skeptical about watching this show, the whole idea of another world just sounded so plain and ordinary. However, when I started watching, the magical world of MÄR truly captivated me. The show's animation is top notch, there is also alot of 3D CGI that blends wonderfully with the 2D animation. MÄR is a classic anime that is way up there with DBZ. I look forward to seeing it every week to see what adventures Team MÄR encounter.
  • Warning: Beware of Chess-Pieces!

    It's about a boy named Ginta who found an arm known as Babbo. Babbo and Ginta fight with each other but they're good friends. They made a group called TEAM MAR to battle against the Chess-Pieces. What makes me laugh is when 2 Team Mar members Dorothy and Snow fight over Ginta sometimes. What's weird is that Dorothy is 16 years old and she's 2 years older than Ginta and she really loves Ginta a lot. This show has got to be my favorite. I really love the animation and the characters looks well made. It has full of suspence and really good action. Plus it has some amazing 3D parts that I find it amazing.
  • I love MÄR in Japanese. In english though not so much.

    Ok MÄR is a show i just started to watch in Japanese because i heard about it going to be shown on Toonami. I'm really glad i saw the Japanese first, in order to get me ready for the English voices. The reason i gave it a better score than some of the other crappy English voiced animes is that the main character's, Ginta, is actually good. There are parts that i like the voice of Ginta in English more than in Japanese. I think it's just because in Japanese Ginta sounds like a little kid when he's in like high school. All the other voices however, hurt my ears. I mean, Jack, come on. He's like my favorite character and you just ruined it. The girl's voices, again, are completely terrible making me think murderous thoughts about the people who try a shot at voice acting. Some of the voices are tolerable but some i just try to mute out with my television remote. On a positive note, I think they have good voices for the villians, but some of the heroes, not so much. Overall, a great show. In Japanese that is. And a mildly decent show in English, I would say.
  • Story about a young 14 year old boy, Ginta Toramizu, goes to another world, meets various other characters, has a good time, saves the alternate world.

    First off, I'd like to start with saying that the show's pretty good, it incorporates the "alternate world" storyline, which I think is pretty interesting, not set in the world, so when there is a large battle, you don't ask yourself "where does a place that barren exist," like in other anime, such as DBZ, but that's for another time. I find the series interesting how each character for team MÄr goes through a good deal of development both physical and mentally, there's some maturing that goes on, which might not happen in other series. I don't like some specific things about the series, and that's how Ginta's father is his predecessor, seemed so easy to guess from the beginning, it's more fun for me when stuff like that is impossible to guess at. Also, I'm not very fond of how the anime lessens the content of the manga, making it more "child-like," and how the series gets even more skewed as the episodes get into the 90's, as I read the manga before I saw those episodes, and I was just baffled at how much of a difference there was between the two. I think it's a shame how much the animators massacred that storyline, but overall the series is a good thing, the earlier episodes are pretty good.
  • There's no anime like it.

    I think it is funny and I haven't seen an anime like this before. I started watching it when it aired on Cartoon Network but they just skipped through the episodes but luckly they started from the beggining and in order so I am not lost when watching it. cause before i would watch it one weekend and the next there are 2 new characters that was annoying but I still really like it anyway.
  • This show is nothing more than Flame of Recca Version 2.0.

    Ever seen Flame of Recca? If you have, then you've already seen this show. Rather than trying something original, Nobuyuki Anzai merely rehashes everything from Flame of Recca and dressed it up in newer animation. Admittedly, MAR is better than Flame of Recca, but considering that Flame of Recca is nothing special, that's not really saying much.

    Besides the lame plot set up (kid dreams about fantasy world. Kid gets sent into fantasy world. Kid must now save fantasy world. LAME), the main character is SO. ANNOYING. He has to remind you of how cool everything is every 5 seconds, almost as if to try to brainwash you into thinking that the show is good when it's really not. In fact, aside from maybe Nanashi, NONE of the characters are likeable. Combine this with terrible CG animation, and you just have a terrible show.

    If you are under the age of 13, then perhaps you'll like this show and appreciate its "humor." However, if you've already hit puberty, I suggest that you seek entertainment elsewhere.
  • Ginta, a junior high kid, is transported to the magical world of MÄR Heaven, a place where fairy tales are true. And it's up to Ginta and his companions to defeat Phantom the head of the evil group -the Chess Pieces-.

    This show is really good. I have to admit that after watching the first couple of episodes that I thought it was going to be a bit ridiculous but the more I watched it the better it was. Once into the War Games the plot line really picks up. Trying to explain the story doesn't do it justice. -A boy goes to a different world, meets a cup-and-ball weapon named Babo, makes friends, and fights Chess Pieces to save the fantasy world.- It's much deeper than this and not at all as stupid as it sounds. You never know what to expect next.
  • Not a bad comedy that is a slightly bit more sane that Bo-Bo-Bo.... Now if Cartoon Network could get the episodes straightened out...

    As a big fan of anime, I want to like the show. However, since Cartoon Network is screwing up the episode lineup on TV, it is getting hard to follow. Give it a shot when the episodes go in order and you should like it.

    The same thing could be said for the other show it comes after, the Prince of Tennis. It is sad to see Cartoon Network treat two shows so poorly. How can you possibly allow people to be interested in a show when you completed confuse your audience by jumping around all over the place with the story. Shameful.
  • A show like on other

    This show has got to be the greatest anime of time, I mean this is even better than Bleach, I mean Bleach is starting to get borning & of corse shows like "Martin Mystery" & "American Dragon: Jake Long" are basically rip-off to decent anime [Hamtaro, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Sonic X, & Shaman King] keep it up toomani
  • A 14-year old boy named Ginta Torimizu, your atypical nerd, is transported to a strange fantasy world, and is almost instantly embroiled in an epic battle of good versus evil...

    I really like this show, because of it's colorful cast of characters, it's interesting (some somewhat cliche) story, and all the twists and turns that go with it. My only real complaint about the show is that for some strange reason, certain episodes are skipped over altogether, which is extremely annoying.
  • Straight to the point.

    This show gets straight to the point right away and that is what is so interesting. What I'm saying is that they introduce everything and everyone right awat to allow for fast action, relief, and comedy. If you're tired of shows taking too long to get a plot through,(not that I'm that kind of person) then this is the show for you. This show features great characters that are well-drawn and well portrayed, such as Ginta and his hilarious actions. Everything in this anime is just about near anyone's expectations of an anime. I may be pushing it or giving this show too mcuh credit, but I'm just trying to reach the word recquirement here and I say I'd just exceeded it.
  • This show s the best. It's funny, it has something that almost no other anime has.....talking weapons.

    I relly like this show. I saw the first episode on Toonami, but then everything went out of hand. The week after the first episode, Toonami aired a totally different episode that had nothing to do with the first one. Oh, well. Back to the show. It's always funny how Ginta messes up sometimes. Babbo is funny but also quite frighteneing (the mustache doesn't help). Especially when I heard that he used to be the weapon of a Chess Piece person. The Knight, right? I'm not an expert on this show, but either way, I enjoy watching it from time to time. I give this show a 9.5 out of 10.
  • I say that is was boring in the begining of the first episode but than it got better in the middle and the ending was funny I wonder what will happen in the next episode. I hope it will be better in other furture episodes.

    I say that is was boring in the begining of the first episode but than it got better in the middle and the ending was funny I wonder what will happen in the next episode. I hope it will be better in other furture episodes. I hope more funny characters will come And have some funny about them like, One maybe one is confused or like one likes someone alot but likes someone else as well, I know that in mostly certain that will happen or A certain villan could had to do something to make this happen you know.
  • I still have a reason to tune in to Toonami, and this is it!

    With Bo^7 (aka BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo) gone for the time being, and no other shows on Cartoon Network I truly cared about, I almost stopped watching...and then MAR came along. While the idea of a kid being transported to a magical fantasy world is nothing new, MAR manages to make the concept fresh and fun, by using a character many of us can relate to as the hero - the nerdy, awkward Ginta who at last gets to live out his dreams in the world he's always dreamed of, leaving behind a more problematic life.

    In a way [to me, at least], the show is a LITTLE like Monster Rancher, only here the monsters and whatnot come out of accessories. Of course, I'm a complete sucker for monster-esque shows like that, so MAR clicked with me instantly. But not just because of that - it's a good balance between the action/adventure and comedy genres, something not many shows these days manage to achieve.

    So, while I'm waiting for Bo^7 to come back, I'll be enjoying MAR, and I'm sure you will enjoy it too, if you're willing to give it a chance.
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