MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance - Season 2

Cartoon Network (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Concentrate! The Power of the Sixth Sense!!
    With Alan at the mercy of Saturn, the Zonnen leader, Merilo tells Team MAR to hurry and send all their power up through the Training Gate so Alan can use it to escape a Zonnen beatdown.
  • Dorothy Vs. Snow! The Allure of Lippenstift!
    Still unable to move, Alan sends his ARM, Merilo, to warn Dorothy and Snow about the Zonnens. But before she can, three Zonnens kidnap her and use their ARM to trick and capture Dorothy and Snow.
  • Alviss Vs Nanashi! Forbidden Labyrinth!
    The Zonnens, Jupiter and Venus, attack Alviss and Nanashi in the training gate and Venus uses an ÄRM that causes Nanashi to attack Alviss!
  • The Zonnens Infiltrate the Training Gate
    Alan sends everyone into the training gate again, this time in pairs. However he is soon attacked by a darkness ÄRM, leaving his three training gates in the control of a powerful group of Chess Pieces known as the Zonnens.
  • Dorothy's Anger! The Desert Tower!
    On a rare day off from the War Games, Ginta, Jack and Dorothy head out to find a legendary ÄRM, accompanied by a young boy named Chero.
  • Alviss' Struggle
    Alviss' Struggle
    Episode 21
    Bell runs off from Team MÄR after feeling betrayed by Alviss. Once outside Reginlief Castle, she is kidnapped by Sir Varona who plots to use her magical power for his own destructive power. Can Alviss free Bell before it's too late?
  • The Knight Reborn: Ian's Revenge!
    Under the orders of Phantom, Ian challenges Rapunzel to a battle. If she wins, Phantom will forgive her for killing her teammates. If she loses, she will be killed. Meanwhile, Team MÄR throws a costume party during the break of the War Games
  • Lightning VS Lightning! Nanashi's Memory Returns!
    As the battle between Nanashi and Galian, his former comrade in arms, rages on, Gailian reveals the truth about why he saved Nanashi an left the Thieves Guild to join up with the Chess Pieces.
  • Fateful Mortal Combat! Nanashi VS Galian!!
    Nanashi is up against Galian who seems to know him. Who is Galian and how does he no Nanashi? And does Nanashi stand a chance of beating Galian?
  • Battlefield of Death! The Psycho Space!!
    The battle between Ginta and Ash begins but when Ash uses the ARM: Psycho Space Ginta loses half of his magical power! Does Ginta still stand a chance of beating Ash?
  • The Knight Candice, Stone User!
    The next fight begins, with Jack taking on Candice, a Knight class Chess Piece who uses stone ÄRM.
  • Alviss' Crisis: Stolen Magical Power!
    Alviss is up! This time he has to face Hamelinm a highly-skilled Bishop adept at revealing his opponents magic power. Will Alviss's 13 Totem Poles be enough to win?
  • The World's Ugliest Match! Snow VS Emokis!
    For the 5th round of matches, it's a 5 on 5 match.After Phantom announces that Rooks will no longer be fighting in the War Games, everyone is transported to the Desert Field. The 1st match will be between Snow and Emokis, a top Bishop. Will Snow be able to withstand the insults and attacks of this ugly little girl?moreless
  • Ash, The Knight Who Protects Children
    When Ginta and Team MÄR return to Reginlief, they spot a Chess Knight named Ash playing with the children.
  • Phantom vs. Ginta
    Phantom vs. Ginta
    Episode 12
    Diana sends Phantom and a brigade of Rooks to invaded Caldia which leads to an unofficial battle between Ginta and Phantom.
  • To Caldia, The Land Of Witches
    Dorothy transports Team MÄR to Caldia, her homeland, where Dorothy meets with the Great Elder to explain what she has discovered since first setting out from Caldia.
  • Sing, Crazy Quilt, Sing! Dorothy Vs. Rapunzel!
    Dorothy challenges an angry Rapunzel to a match! Can the Witch beat the Knight?
  • Girom Counterattacks! Egola Vs. Gargoyle!
    Angered by Girom’s actions, Ginta takes on Girom in the second to last fight in the fourth round!
  • Aqua, Akko, and The Nanashi Method!
    Nanashi steps up to take on the cute Aqua, who faces death at the hands of Rapunzel if she loses.
  • Team MÄR on the Ropes
    Jack faces off against Kollekio and his movement-stopping Darkness ÄRM. Afterwards, Dorothy takes on the Bishop class Avrute!
  • The Quiet Fighting Spirit . . . Alviss' Power!
    It’s six versus six in the fourth battle of the War Games. This time, Team MÄR is up against powerful Chess Pieces in the Ice Field. The first round is Alviss VS. Mr. Hook!
  • Shadow Battles! Gargoyle Vs. The Dark Gargoyle!
    It's back to the Gate of Training for Ginta and the others, but this time their opponents are themselves!
  • Phantom and the Zodiac Knights
    As the last battle of the third round comes to an end, the gang is transported back to Reginleif Castle. There, Phantom and the Zodiac Knights make a shocking appearance!
  • Another Zombie Tattoo! Alviss Vs. Rolan!
    It's time for the final match: Rolan VS Alviss. As the battle gets underway, the two discover that they have something in common - their Zombie Tattoos. But who is stronger? And who will win this match?
  • Accursed Candle! Ginta Vs. Kannochi!
    Ginta steps up to fight Bishop Class Kannochi. Things are off to a rocky start with Kannochi uses a Darknesses ÄRM - Body Candle!
  • Snow At the Volcano Mountain Range
    The next battle is between Show and Mr. Hook. But Mr Hook has a huge advantage because most of Show's attacks are water and snow based.