MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance

Season 2 Episode 20

The Knight Reborn: Ian's Revenge!

Aired Unknown Unknown on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

While the MÄR group is taking a break, they decide to have a costume party. Dorothy and Snow both want to chose Ginta's costume and rush off the the dressing room to find outfits.

Babbo and Ed follow the girls, but have to stay outside the door. They over hear Snow and Dorothy arguing over which outfit Ginta will chose and Babbo thinks they are going to fight a duel over Ginta, not the choice of clothing.

Babbo and Ed quickly run to Ginta who is just talking to Jack and get him to come tell Snow and Dorothy how much he likes MÄR and that he wouldn't like it if they fought the war of the world and destroy it.

Then the girls explain that they were not having a fight over him at all and just wanted to see which out fit he would choose.

Meanwhile, Phantom is discussing the recent losses in the War Games with the Knights. When Candice apologizes, he says it's ok. And when Ash does the same, he said it wasn't his faualt.

Phantom does get angry at Rapunzel though, he says that she killed to many of their teamates and she should be punished.

There was away out of the punishment though, if she could defeat Ian in battle, she would go free. She declares that beating Ian would be easy but looses pitifully to him in battle, getting blown up at the end.

That's when everyone reliezes how strong Ian is and he gets promoted to Knight by Phantom.

Ian tells everyone that he will kill whoever brutally punished his girlfriend(?) for his loss against Ginta, even if it's Phantom.

Then he goes to the girlfriend and shows her that he is a Knight now. She looks realy hurt and the lower half of her body appears to be missing.

Back with MÄR everyone is enjoying the costume party and it ends up that Ginta is wearing Snow's choice of costume.
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