MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance

Season 2 Episode 6

The Quiet Fighting Spirit . . . Alviss' Power!

Aired Unknown Jun 04, 2007 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

It's time for the next round to begin! The dice are rolled: It's a 6 on 6 battle in the Ice Field! Alan says he'll sit this round out and let the other members of Team MÄR show how much they've improved after being in the training gate.

Ginta, Babbo, Jack, Dorothy, Nanashi and Alviss are transported to the Ice Field. Ginta wonders, with only 5 of them, who their 6th fighter will be, and Pozan says it will have to be someone who wins their fight. The Chess Pieces arrive and Rapunzel is quick to insult all of Team MÄR. They notice that she is in the Knight

Merilo appears in Snow's training gate and Snow is upset that she is stuck in the training gate whilst everyone else is fighting. She asks Merilo if she can train.

Rapunzel wants to fight but Girom tells her that someone of her beauty should really wait until last. Aqua speaks up with her melodious voice and agrees, but then goes on to say that Rapunzel was wrong - Team MÄR isn't ugly at all and Rapunzel slaps her. She's offended at the thought that Aqua thinks Nanashi is better looking than her.

Mr. Hook steps up to fight and Alviss decides to go first to settle the score for Snow, who lost to Mr. Hook in the previous battle.

Mr. Hook attacks with his screw but Alviss dodges easily. Mr. Hook tries his Fishing Rod and pulls Alviss into the air. Mr. Hook then uses a Harpoon Attack as his final attack but Alviss breaks it easily with his bare hands.

Alviss remembers wanting to fight when he was just ten in the previous War Games. Ginta's dad, Danna, was impressed by how much determination Alviss had. He remembers being cursed by Phantom, and the death of Danna when he killed Phantom.

Back on the Ice Field, Mr. Hook gets worried and unleashes his Anchor ÄRM, his most powerful attack. It hammers down on Alviss, and Mr. Hook laughs triumphantly but suddenly Alviss appears behind him, unharmed, and knocks him out cold. Alviss is declared the winner.

Everyone is ecstatic. Alviss is happy to be working alongside Ginta to defeat the Chess Pieces.

Rapunzel says Mr. Hook's punishment will be decided by a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Her scissors beats Mr. Hook's paper, and she slices his head off, and he sinks beneath the ice. Team MÄR insults Rapunzel because of her behavior and she becomes increasingly mad, especially at Ginta and Dorothy.

Kollekio decides he'll fight next.