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  • Still unable to move, Alan calls out to his ARM, Merilo, to warn Dorothy and Snow of the villainous intruders inside the Training Gate. But as soon as soon as she tries to warn them, three members of the Zonnens kidnap her and use their ARM to trick and capture Dorothy and Snow.moreless
  • With the training gate under the control of the Zonnens, Team MAR has their work cut out for them. Alan, held captive by the magical power of a Dimension ARM, sends Ed and Bell to look for Gaira. Meanwhile, Alviss and Nanashi are forced to do battle against a couple of Chess Pieces who want to put the War Games to an end and take over the World of MAR as soon as possible!moreless
  • The Zonnens Infiltrate the Training Gate!
    Alan, concerned that the rest is making them soft and causing them to lose their edge, sends Team MAR back to the training gate to get stronger. But someone else has plans of their own for the team.
  • 3/5/06
    Continuing their break from the War Games, Ginta, Jack and Dorothy go to an open-air market where a mysterious shopkeeper tells them of a Legendary ARM guarded in the desert.
  • Alviss Struggle
    Alviss Struggle
    Episode 21
    Feeling betrayed by Alviss, Bell’s affections get the best of her and she leaves Team MAR. Once outside of Reginlief Castle, she is kidnapped by Sir Varona, who in combination with his ARM, plans to exploit her magical power for his own evil and destructive purposes.
  • 2/19/06
    Team MAR wins the battle in the Desert Field and returns to Reginlief Castle to find Ian, who vows to kill Ginta. Since Phantom has called for a break between the matches, Ed suggests throwing a party, much to the delight of the rest of the team. Meanwhile, in order to avoid her overdue punishment, Rapunzel the Knight is forced to fight Ian, the rook, who proves to be a lot stronger than his rank indicates.moreless
  • As the battle between Nanashi and Galian, his former comrade in arms, rages on, Galian reveals the truth why he saved Nanashi and left the Thieves Guild to join up with the Chess Pieces.
  • Facing off against Ash, the kindly chess piece who protects children, Ginta is pulled into the Psycho Space where he must play 'the Kaboom Game' against this benevolent, but menacingly-looking knight. Will Ginta triumph or will he get blown away?
  • Jack’s got his work cut out for him when he takes on Candice, a full-on knight with a mighty Boulder Axe. Will Jack’s attacks be enough for him to defeat this formidable foe or will Candice cut him down to size?
  • 1/15/06
    Alviss is up and this time, he has to face Hamelin, a highlyskilled Bishop adept at relieving his opponents of their magical power. Will Alviss’ Thirteen Totem Pole be enough to beat this malevolent Chess Piece?
  • It’s a 5 on 5 battle back on the Desert Field Battle ground. In the first match, Emokis proceeds to pluck Snow’s hairs, while simultaneously taunting her mercilessly about her looks. Does Snow have what it takes to defeat this top Bishop on the treacherous Desert Field?
  • Phantom Vs. Ginta
    Episode 12
    The Chess Pieces have started their attack on Caldia in an attempt to steal their ARM.
  • 12/11/05
    Now that the 4th Battle has ended, Ginta and the others return to Reginleif. The War Games are postponed as decreed by Phantom. Dorothy announces that she must return to Caldia and invites the rest of Team MAR to join her. However, once they arrive in Caldia, the horrible truth behind the Queen, who controls the Chess Pieces is revealed…moreless
  • With her beloved brother Girom defeated, an infuriated Rapunzel thirsts for revenge. Her opponent Dorothy counters her attacks easily. But Rapunzel’s attack pierces Dorothy in the ribs. Struggling, Dorothy brings out her ace in the hole, Crazy Quilt, which sings in a screeching high-pitched voice. Will it be enough to stop Rapunzel?!moreless
  • 11/20/05
    It’s Time for Match #3 and Nanashi has to face the adorable Aqua. But looks can be deceiving when she unleashes her Guardian ARM, Akko.
  • 11/13/05
    4th Battle, 2nd round, ice field stage, Jack vs. Korekkio and it's the wits of the former that earn him his victory, while condemning the latter to the late Mr. Hook's fate. 4th Battle, 3rd round, ice field stage, Dorothy defeats the Bishop Avrute with such swiftness that it spares him no time to counterattack, much less to salvage a chance for his life in the game of Janken with Rapunzel.moreless
  • In the first match of the 6 on 6 Battle, Alviss decides to face off against Mr. Hook in order to avenge Snow’s defeat. But there’s more at stake for Mr. Hook as he has been warned that losing is not an option for the Chess Pieces.
  • Before the next battle, Team MAR is sent back to train. But their sparring partners are unlike anything they have ever seen!
  • 10/23/05
    Weakened by Rolan’s attacks, Alviss is forced to surrender and loses the match. Soon after, Phantom reveals himself to Ginta and his true feelings of hatred for the world of MAR.
  • In the final match of the Third Battle, Alviss faces his toughest challenge yet against Rolan the Knight! Will Alviss be able to overcome Rolan’s Stone Cube or will he succumb to its crushing power?
  • 10/9/05
    It’s Ginta’s turn to fight and he’s up against Kannochi, a Chess Piece whose ARM has the power to melt its opponent like a candle. Can Ginta defeat him or will he burn out?
  • Faced against Princess Snow, Mr. Hook, a Bishop Class Chess Piece, proclaim this match an easy one. As Snow fights valiantly, she must pull together her strength in order to defeat this formidabled opponent.