Marcel's Quantum Kitchen

Monday 10:00 PM on Syfy Premiered Mar 14, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Last time I checked the Sci-Fi channel was not a place for cooking shows.

    It seems that TV seems to be getting worse everyday now. CN is struggling to get back to its roots. Nickelodeon is now shambles of its glory. Even Sci-Fi channel has fallen to the ever growing problem with TV, and this show is a prime example. In Marcel's Quantum Kitchen it centers around an owner of a catering company named Marcel and his use of scientific knowledge to create delicate foods. There are 2 main problems with this show alone the first is the host Marcel. Marcel was originally a contender on Top Chef, and truth be told I never really watched that show, but I have seen Marcel on T.C., and he was an arrogant jerk who flies off the handle. He eventually says that it was due to him being a perfectionist, but I don't think that's a real good reason. He's no better on this show at all though. Marcel still acts like a pompous jerk to everyone, and treats everyone like an inferior person to him. Also Marcel is such a terrible cook, and his food looks terrible. I am not that much of a cook, but I could do a much better job than him. The second problem of this show is that it's on the Sci-Fi channel. I mean when did we need these type of shows on Sci-Fi. That would be like putting a horror movie on Noggin. It's way out of place, and unneeded garbage. Also the science this show claims to have is nearly nonexistent. The show is 75% cooking, 24% of Marcel being a jerk, and only 1% of science. Now while some of the food cooked up like the meat, and even the Dragon Fruit Drinks were OK I didn't want to see this stuff on a place for Sci-Fi. There is no joy in this show at all with an arrogant jerk of a host, lack of science, and the fact that this is a cooking show in Sci-Fi channel this show needs to be taken off the air ASAP. If anyone from Sci-Fi is reading this now please cancel this show now, and go back to making Sci-Fi shows only please. Don't become like what has happened to Nick, CN, and so many more channels. Even if you are a cooking fan, no matter what do not ever see this show ever, and go to Food Network, and watch Good Eats, Top Chef, or any other cooking show than this. It's not worth it no matter what.
  • cuz its not bad enough that this show is on the wrong network but it barely has any cooking either.

    seriously don't know what goes through tv execs anymore to think the changes to syfy cartoonless network ect were good ideas. also i thought this was supposed to be about a scientific creative cooking show not a horrible fake reality show about a pompass moron who does a crappy catering service and refers to himself in the 3rd person as if he's the best thing since toaster strudle. seriously the guy can barely cook and the food he makes is cheap crap anyone can do so far that while somewhat neat is still lazy looking. the only good scientific ideas he had were add dry ice to whatever item. seriously the food he made was fail. tomato and hashbrowns is not fancy food. and while the foam was a cute idea it looked stupid. the fruit roll up maps was a good idea though. dragon fruit drinks looked good but were probably served to get people drunk so that they didn't notice they had pork rines for dinner. the meat was a decent idea though but once again no science involved and anyone could of done it. really not gonna bother watching the show since its barely a cooking show let alone something that should be on what used to be a science fiction channel. now its just crappy fake reality shows about pretended ghosts are in buildings.
  • First, the host of the show Marcel is unlikeable. Second, this is a food show (albeit with a little bit of science thrown in there for good measure) on SyFy which is an oxymoron to me.

    From the moment I heard about this show, I was a little skeptical mostly because the host of the show is (as I've said in the summary) a douche. This is a fact that is attested to and admitted by Marcel in the intro of the show where he speaks to how he's been perceived by people after his stint on Top Chef (TC). The intro clearly highlights what are some of his major falling points in TC but he'd like his audience to believe that somehow millions of viewers of TC just didn't get that he was a "perfectionst" (which somehow excuses his behaviour). Perfectionist or not, Marcel still doesn't come across as a great host. He has none of the charisma or presence necessary to be a good host for a food related TV show. Case in point, look at his interaction with the group of young students that came for his demo. I was horrified! I didn't help either that his first client happened to look like a living version of Munch's famous painting "The Scream"

    The other thing that bothered me was the fact that this show aired on SyFy. I was so disappointed. This is the kind of cr@p that SyFy is producing instead of spending their cash on good, scripted television that use to be the hallmark of the network. The network was putting out fantastic shows when it was still known as "Sci Fi" but with the name change (which was even mocked by Colbert) came a complete change in the programming of the network. This show has no business on this network. FOOD. Yes. Discovery. Yes. TLC. YES. Bravo. Yes. SyFy. Hell NO! As a longtime viewer, I feel a little alienated by the presence of this show on SyFy. Don't get me wrong, I love the Food Network and Top Chef on Bravo, but I think that SyFy needs to stick to its niche. Spend that money on getting another season of Stargate Universe (please!), or go back to broadcasting Eureka instead of this.
  • Food science. Really BAD food science.

    If I wanted to see food, I'd see food on Food Network. NOT SciFi. If they wanted food, they should have created SeaFood Network or something. Food just doesn't work on a Science Fiction Network. Unless they were cooking alien chicken with BBQ. But they're not. They're "twisting" a cooking show with "science". That's it. That's all it is. Really. That's it...just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, they make it worse. Tons worse, the person is from Top Chef. Top Chef, the worst cooking show I have ever seen in my life. What maniac would torture people with this?