Marcus Welby, M.D.

ABC (ended 1976)





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  • A real groundbreaker from the time when it was made

    I remember this show from when i was a little girl and watched it in reruns when I got older. every once in a blue moon over the last few years i have caught an episode and I always enjoy it. What people have to remember, back then tv was more like stage today. It was about the characters and the story lines not all the special effects and stuff. The show often dealt with ground breaking problems, issues, social problems and life issues. It was a different world and it has to be watched with the idea that the world was not the information super highway. TV went off the air at midnight or so.. there were a very limited number of channels, no internet, no news on all day and all night.. people it was a different world. If you watch it in the context it was done, it is a really good show, g in rating and good family fun