Marcus Welby, M.D.

Season 6 Episode 5

The Outrage

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 1974 on ABC

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  • A young man is sexually abused by his male teacher, but is afraid to report it. His parents, while outraged, are also afraid of reporting the crime and unsure how to help their son.

    It is good that Marcus Welby M.D. did an episode that dealt with the physical and emotional problems facing male victims of rape. The problem is that the episode comes across as implying that male homosexuality is somehow similar to molestation or rape.

    Near the end of the episode a few lines were added, due to protest from gay rights activists, by a police officer to remind that audience that this teacher was not gay Yet, within historical context of the era, that was not enough.

    When this episode initially aired, one of the most common anti-gay prejudices, often said to oppose gay rights, was the false notion that gay men were violent sexual predators seeking to do exactly the sort of thing that this male teacher does.

    During the 1970s, anti-gay state ballot measures and public opposition to civil rights for gay people often invoked this fear that gay people were sexual predators. Hopefully, people are not as willing to believe such hateful lies, but the protests by gay activists against this episode were done for the right reasons and the network decided not to air this episode again.

    It did not help that this series had aired an earlier episode where homosexuality was treated as a treatment illness.

    So, while it is good that the episode attempts to show how all victims of rape deserve proper care and treatment, the episode needed to do more to confront the anti-gay prejudices that surrounded any discussion about "protecting children".