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ABC (ended 1959)


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  • Tom Conway ably played the first version of Mark Saber, a detective on the L.A.P.D., in an interesting, if violent, series.

    Mark Saber was a role almost tailor made for Tom Conway, who played the debonaire but unorthodox crime solving "Falcon" in a series of 1940's features for RKO. Here he played pretty much the same character, now a British detective somehow on the L.A.P.D., complete with an archtypical Irish-American plain clothes cop for his assistant.
    The stories were intricate and fast moving, though a requisite amount of on-screen mayhem is seen in every episode. Murders are often commited with cruel and unusual devices such as poison darts, radioactivity and cyanide gas. Typical of mysteries of the time, the seemingly least likely person presented in each story is usually the villian, and is always a surprise for the viewer as only some of the clues are presented. Still, Mark makes all the connections before we possibly could.
    The programme was known originally as "MOLLE MYSTERY THEATER",(Molle shaving cream) but syndicated as "MYSTERY THEATER" or "MARK SABER MYSTERY THEATER". The further incarnations of the character had nothing to do with this one.