Marmalade Boy

A&E (ended 1995)


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Marmalade Boy

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Marmalade Boy is a show based on the hit manga series by Wataru Yosh!zumi There are 76 episodes and a movie. The show is rated PG. STORY Miki is your average high school student until her parents meet back up with their high-school sweethearts during a Hawaiian vacation. And,they decide that the best way to make up for lost time is to switch spouses,divorce and remarry. But,everything is not awful for Miki,who hates the new arrangement,since this arrangement does bring a wonderful new love into her life in the form of her gorgeous new stepbrother,Matsuura Yuu. The parents warn Mike from the start not to fall for Miki,but she does anyway,and what a wonderful romance they have. Lots of love triangles in this series,as Arimi is still in love with Yuu,Ginta still loves Miki,and Rocktunda loves Arimi more than anything. But, Arimi decides to play a trick on Yuu to make him think she's dating Ginta.And,though it works...It seems to work a bit TOO well,as Arimi does actually fall in love with Ginta. ********************************* OP Theme: Egao ni Aitai Miki's Theme: *Moment* Meiko's Theme: *Saigo no Yakusoku* Yuu's Theme: *Rain*moreless