Marmalade Boy

Season 1 Episode 11

Birthday: Yuu is watching me!

Aired Unknown May 22, 1994 on A&E

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  • Miki has just slapped Yuu and realizes that she made a mistake. The next morning, Yuu walks out of her room that he acts like nothing happened. Then, Miki is determined to give Yuu a birthday party.

    In these episode, it shows how exciting to give a birthday present to someone who loves in. In relevance, Miki is determined to give Yuu a birthday party that she did is too go shopping and picks out pre-made food for the party. Then, she decides to buy a box cake mix and make it for Yuu. After all the preparations she made and the cake was finished then Yuu comes down to a wonderful candlelight dinner. The question is kept asking is, What is the reason why Yuu kept staring at Miki? What are the reasons they keep fun of Miki's food and glare at him with laser eyes? It only shows how happy and exciting are they when celebrating Yuu's birthday and moments they share with each other to keep cherish and remember in.
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