Marmalade Boy

Season 1 Episode 66

New Choice : You don't Have to forget him

Aired Unknown Jun 25, 1995 on A&E

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  • In this episode Key and Mike try to make miki decide between the two of them, even though Miki's heart is still thinking about Yuu... Who will Miki choose once and for all?

    This episode is one of the best... I have actually been in that situation before and it's imposible to forget all the things you went trought with someone that you loved so deeply... It was a very smart move from Keys Part to tell her that, only implying that no matter what he will always be by his side.
    On the other hand! I can't believe that Yuu is acting so cool about it. He's just unbelivable, he should be fighting for her love too! Even with the distance im sure that Love can really defeat any obstacles... no matter how hard they are...