Marmalade Boy

A&E (ended 1995)


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  • The colors are washed out, the animation is dated, the storyline is a bit strange and yet it's utterly addictive. Every episode ends on a cliffhanger and it's nearly impossible to resist watching the next one.

    There is A LOT of drama in this show. The show is primarily about Miki, a typical high school student, who must choose between Ginta, her old crush, and Yuu, the new boy in her life. With love and support from her friend Meiko, a smart, beautiful girl caught up in an affair with one of her teachers, she finally chooses the boy of her dreams. The drama first starts with her parent's desire to divorce and shack up with another couple after an interesting Hawaiian vacation adventure. She meets Yuu, the son of the other couple, and becomes captivated by him; I guess you could say he's her stepbrother. They all live in the same house, and occasionally the parents go away on vacation leaving the kids to…fend for themselves. There are a bunch of characters that create crazy love triangles: Arimi is obsessed with Yuu who kissed Miki who can't decide between Yuu and Ginta. Ginta likes Miki but is dating Arimi to get her jealous. Tsutomu is infatuated with Arimi and fights with Ginta all the time. Meanwhile Satoshi is interested in Meiko who is in love with Mr. Namura who broke it off and says he's dating Ryoko, a teacher at Meiko's high school. There's some forceful kissing, a lot of running and then there are suspicions that Yuu and Satoshi may be a couple…

    Overall, it's a fun story with memorable characters.