Marmalade Boy

Season 1 Episode 2

Side Effects of a Kiss: He Doesn't Understand My Feelings

Aired Unknown Mar 20, 1994 on A&E

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  • Miki's parents come home from their vacation to announce that they are getting a divorce.Yuu,is a handsome son of couple,who Miki begins developing for.She is trying to avoid the "kiss" in the kitchen where she is.

    These episode is trully exciting and ralated happening when it comes to Miki and Yuu,who are both strange person and these characters i might thought to be such the reason they like each other.The question i asking from these episode is,What is Yuu true feeling to Miki when he kiss it the clinic while Miki is pretending to sleep?Are these feeling is just a dream or truthfully comes from the heart or he just amazed to Miki's face ,hair and neck?I think these is just what a sign of love from what these episodes is bring.A love who is observatory,dream,amazed to one characteristics bringing a good joy and wonderful day.
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