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  • One of the best shows ever

    I was really disappointed to see this friday that there was a one week break on the shows.

    This show makes my day every time. If im off work this is what i wake up and drink my coffee and laugh too. It has this really cozy feeling to it which can almost cannot be replaced by anything at all as the rest of the year goes and this show is on season break.

    Marc Maron plays himself, a guy in the middle of his life finding himself to complain about things that might seem obvious (or not) to some people, he does not follow young fellows media and seems to think that he does better (which in my point he does by far) he has problems like every human on this earth, but the way he executes them is really funny.

    Watch this if you want some real genuine comedy Mark Maron is a star and one of kind, i rate it 9 of 10 (because some episode here and there might not be just as funny to me in particular, everyone has their own taste though) Still the best watch there is at the very least on par with Shameless US
  • Really? There are no reviews of Maron? OK fuck it, I'll write one...

    Here ya go a 3:30am review of one of my favorite half-hour comedies, Maron. It's a comedy in a way that is similar to the way Louie is a comedy - it tells real-ish dramatic stories from Marc Maron's life that are often as much drama as comedy. Marc Maron is brutally honest - it seems to be the only way he can relate to the world around him - and he fully admits that this doesn't always work out well for him. He's older, been a drug user in the past, isn't very good at relationships, and is currently unmarried without children - not a typical setup for a comedic show to be sure - but it works. I think most of us can see parts of ourselves in Maron - which can be a good and bad thing - but his insights into himself, the world, and his relation to it are often enlightening and always entertaining. Also there's a great guest star in almost every episode. Well written (although Marc Maron himself is only credited with writing a few of the episodes), well acted, brutally honest, and best of all funny - Maron is a half-hour well spent indeed. I hope more people (especially fans of Louie) will find this gem of a show which currently airs on IFC every Thursday. And yes, it covers his famous WTF podcast stuff as well.