Married People

Season 1 Episode 18

You Were Right and I Was...

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Mar 16, 1991 on ABC

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  • The young couple had a fight the girl was acting like she would apologize and he cut in and said he was sorry. After they walked away the owner said to his wife, "Boy, is that marriage in trouble."

    I wish I could get some of these. Very rarely does a show like this, Family Ties, or Friends come along that shows real writing talent and creativity. All the shows today are crap and TV had shaped the minds of americans for the worst. That is why the US is backwards and going downhill.

    Listen to people talk at work after they have watched the same shows the night before. Then listen to them try to speak about politics, the economy, the poor education system, and most enough, try to have a conversation on foreign events and what is happening in other areas of the world. And I don't mean quoting the news on the middle east, which even some stations have stupid, irrelavant remarks on.