Married to Medicine

Sunday 9:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Mar 24, 2013 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Reunion Part 2
      Reunion Part 2
      Episode 16
      The conclusion of a reunion.
    • Reunion Part 1
      Reunion Part 1
      Episode 15
      Part 1 of 2. The ladies of medicine reunite. Here, Toya faces her tax problems; Lisa Nicole stands up to a blitz of confrontations; and Mariah puts the pressure on Heavenly, leading to a dramatic showdown. Host: Andy Cohen.
    • Breast Friends
      Episode 14
      The ladies continue to battle at Toya's barbecue in the Season 4 finale. Also: Heavenly turns to her spiritual adviser; Dr. Jackie puts the finishing touches on her look book, and she hopes the approaching sneak peek will help mend friendships.
    • The Devil Is Busy
      Episode 13
      Budgetary concerns plague Toya and Eugene. Also: Jackie springs a romantic surprise on Curtis; Lisa Nicole and Heavenly put on dueling conferences; Lisa and Heavenly have an ultimate showdown at Toya's housewarming gathering.
    • 1/27/17
      Heavenly and Lisa Nicole work together on their looming relationship conference, but trust issues about their collaboration create drama. Also, Quad bares it all at her birthday bash, and Toya and Eugene move into a more affordable house.
    • 1/20/17
      Simone has one more surprise for the ladies on the final day of a getaway in Hawaii. Meanwhile, Quad organizes a photo shoot for Jackie, but past dramas with Mariah jeopardize everything. In Atlanta, Mariah reveals what she really thinks of Quad, and Jackie tries to mend her marriage.
    • 1/13/17
      Day 2 of a Hawaiian adventure finds Jackie still reeling from her solo trip and Dr. Darren nowhere to be found. Also, the group heads to couples therapy, and a traditional Hawaiian luau may be what the doctor ordered.
    • Hawaii Five Solo
      Episode 9
      Simone and Cecil go to Hawaii to celebrate their anniversary, with most of the couples tagging along and Lisa flying solo. The trip hits an obstacle, however, courtesy of Mariah.
    • Brutally Honest Makeover
      Toya and Eugene face the issue of moving into a smaller home. Also, Jackie's career overshadows her marriage; Mariah and Simone meet to repair their friendship; and tempers boil over when Toya treats the ladies to a spa day in preparation for Hawaii.
    • 12/23/16
      Mariah and Quad's friendship wilts following a huge argument at Toya's prom party. Also, Quad plans a birthday bash and takes precautions to prevent drama; Toya faces a harsh truth; and Lisa's antics test Heavenly's patience.
    • The ladies contemplate Jackie's actions in the wake of a photo shoot. Also: Dramas revolve around Darren and Lisa; Simone discovers news about her father; and the ladies celebrate Toya's birthday with a bash, where Mariah and Quad have a fiery face-off.
    • 12/11/16
      Heavenly and Lisa Nicole team up for a business venture, but the collaboration takes an ugly turn. Also, Simone returns to work following an emotional trip to Nashville with a transgender patient, and Jackie's topless charity photo shoot turns chaotic.
    • A trip to Nashville entails a search for Simone's missing father. Also: Heavenly embarks on a soul-searching quest with spiritual guide Jewel Tankard; Lisa and Darren seek relationship help; and Toya and Eugene deal with child disciplinary problems.
    • 11/20/16
      A new feud erupts, this time between Genise and Heavenly, at Mariah's new-beginnings party. Also: Toya and Lisa's friendship begins to wilt; Simone contacts her family to find her missing father; and Toya and Mariah meet in a bid to make peace.
    • Forecast: Clouds With a 100% Chance of Shade
      Fallout from Lisa Nicole's party impacts the group. Also: Simone reaches out to Quad; Genise reveals her true thoughts about Heavenly; and all the women are invited to Mariah's new-beginnings party.
    • New Beginnings
      Episode 1
      Quad has a new baby in her house in the Season 4 opener, which also finds Dr. Jackie moving on up, Simone and Cecil adjusting to separate lives and Toya in trouble with the IRS. Also, Lisa Nicole hosts a party to bring the group together.
  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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