Married to the Kellys

ABC (ended 2004)


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  • 50 words max huh? No reason in the world this show should have been canned and Gina and Gina or whatever that other show on ABC is that airs in its place.

    The show was fun, charming, gave a look at people from tri state city areas to imagine what it would be like moving to that real suburb/country area to live with a warm family. I thought it was a great show and should have had another season. Truthfully, I dont even know why it was cancelled. Every show was great, and the cast was even perfectly picked! Everyone played the role they should have. I did notice the last 2 months they were pulling the episodes in place of a repeat of whatever shows aired at the time. It was hard for newbies to keep up. Should have gave it another chance or even put it on abc family. Nowadays with all the channels, is it really neccasary to pull the plug so quickly? I think it was a huge mistake and I miss it. I looked forward to the show every week it was on. My tivo was set!