Married to the Kellys

Season 1 Episode 22

The Good Son-in-Law

Aired Unknown Apr 16, 2004 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • Tom: And all that...all that charity crap you do. We'll put that in the book.
      Tony: That's true. I do do a lot of charity crap.
      Susan: Oh my god, we have to go to Mom and Dad's house. I think I left the oven on.
      Sandy: Susie, don't be ridiculous. What would you be doing near an oven?
      Susan: Yeah. Would I have been near an iron?
      Uncle Dave: Ghostwriting? What do you think you are, Stephen King now?

    • Chris: We need to ask Tom a favor.
      Susan: Is everyone else dead?

    • Chris: You're too lazy to get involved.
      Tom: I'm too lazy to be offended by that.

    • Lewis: (After Chris freaks out) What a diva.

    • (After Tony dodges Tom's attempt at tackling him)
      Tom: You're quick for a big guy.
      Tony: (Sarcastic) Yeah, that was difficult.

    • Tom: Wait, did you just tell them about the money to get them off your back?
      Chris: No! Of course not. I'd never do something like that...good luck.

    • Tony: You know what I did?
      Tom: Picked up your coach and put him on a piano bench?

    • Sandy: You didn't change the light bulb in the basement.
      Tom: It was dark.

  • Notes

    • This episode ran with a special promo for the film 13 Going On 30 where actress Jennifer Garner talked about the plot of this episode.

    • Tony Gonzalez, of the Kansas City Chiefs, appears as himself. His guest appearance came about when Tony contacted the producers to thank them for showing his team number in an earlier episode.

    • Aired at a special time: Friday @ 9:30 pm ET/PT

  • Allusions

    • Tony Gonzalez: "that pushing off call"
      When the Kansas City Chiefs played Indianapolis in the play-offs, Tony Gonzalez was called for pushing off, which cancelled his touch down catch. The Chiefs ended up losing the game 38-31.