Married to the Kellys

Season 1 Episode 20

The Other Sister

Aired Unknown Mar 19, 2004 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • After the charades game, Susan gets up and stands next to Lisa but then in a close-up of Tom, Susan's shoulder is visible on the far left indicating that she's still sitting right next to him on the couch. In the next shot she's seen standing next to Lisa again.

  • Quotes

    • Mary: She doesn't wanna go shopping!
      Susan: She does!
      Mary: She doesn't!
      Susan: She does!
      Mary: Susan!
      Susan: Mary!
      Mary: Mom!
      Sandy: Girls!

    • Bill: If I can't spoil my youngest daughter, who can I spoil?
      Tom: Your son-in-law.
      Chris: Either one.

    • Lewis: Dude!
      Chris: I know.

    • Chris: If you get involved, it's like (slaps face). But if you're on the outside, it's like (pretends to smoke a cigar).
      Tom: I thought Mary didn't let you smoke cigars.
      Chris: Tom, she can't stop me from smoking pretend cigars. (pauses) Don't tell her.

    • Chris: (To Tom) It sounds to me like you got involved in a family issue and I have to ask you, why did you do that??

    • Tom: I'm confused. And turned on. But mostly confused.

    • Tom: But they said "you're a part of the family now"!
      Chris: Yeah, you're a part of the family when someone needs a ride to the airport. Or the gutters need cleaning.

    • Tom: Family meeting!
      Lewis: Wait, can an in-law call a family meeting?
      Mary: Chris has never called one.
      Tom: Well, I'm calling one!

  • Notes

    • When this episode reran on July 23, 2004, it ended up being the final time that ABC ever broadcasted an episode of Married to the Kellys.

    • Writer and producer Liz Astrof was previously the producer and writer of NBC's short-lived Coupling. Coincidentally, Liz was hired as producer of Coupling only after Breckin Meyer and Emily Rutherfurd were cut from the original cast.

    • When creator Tom Hertz was executive producer of Less Than Perfect both Josh Braaten and Tinsley Grimes made guest appearances as Claude and Kip's love interests.

    • Guest star Tinsley Grimes is best known for playing 'Katie' on That '80s Show where her long-time boyfriend 'Owen' was played by none other than Married to the Kellys star Josh Braaten.

    • This is the only appearance of Susan's sister Lisa Kelly.

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