Married... With Children

Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 1989 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The episode title is 976-SHOE, but in the episode, the telephone number for Al's shoe hotline is 555-SHOE.

  • Quotes

    • Al: (while checking the phone bill) Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, that's the town they built around your mother, isn't it, Peg?

    • Peggy: (to policeman) Hey, don't forget, if we paid taxes, we'd be paying your salary!

    • Al: (while looking over the bills) Ed McMahon says I may owe him $10 million?!

    • Al: So you haven't lost any more respect for me?
      Peggy: Oh, now, that would be impossible, wouldn't it, kids?
      (Bud and Kelly nod in agreement)
      Peggy: I mean, honey, you lost $100,000. How many men who earn less than a fry cook can say they lost $100,000?
      Bud: Fry cook? Dad makes less than the newspaper boy.
      Kelly: A street mime.
      Peggy: The guy who scrapes dead animals off the highway.
      (Al gets fed up and leaves)
      Bud: A lab animal.
      Kelly: A circus geek.
      Peggy: A barnacle scraper.
      Bud: A professional miniature golfer.
      Kelly: A qualified teacher.

    • Marcy: (to Steve while pointing to Al) You loaned this man 50.000 dollars? That's a thousand dollars an IQ point. And I can't blae Al. A man gives a gun to a chimp and the chimp shoots someone, you don't blame the chimp.
      Al: Hey. That was a hidden dig at me, wasn't it? Let me tell you something, the opera ain't over until the last heterosexual falls asleep. And this idea will work!
      Marcy: How many calls did you get tonight, Al?
      Al: Dr. Shoes files are confidential.
      Marcy: None, you got none!
      Al: None today. Tomorrow, twice as many.

    • Steve: What did you want to see me about Sir?
      Mr. Peamon: Rhoades, do you know how many loans you've written this year have gone bad?
      Steve: One or two?
      Mr. Peamon: Forty.
      Steve: Well, I guess that gives me something to think about while I'm on that beach in Hawaii.
      Mr. Peamon: I hope your zeal to win this trip hasn't affected your judgement. For example, let's talk about the loan that put you over the top.
      Steve: Yes Sir, the Bundy loan, solid as they come.
      Mr. Peamon: You really believe in the loan?
      Steve: With my heart and soul, Sir.
      Mr. Peamon: Would you put your job on the line for it?
      Steve: No, Sir.
      Mr. Peamon: Then I will. If this Bundy doesn't come through, you're fired!

    • Al: What can I do better than anybody else?
      Kelly: Stink up a shoe?
      Bud: Sweat trhough the couch?
      Peggy: Miss the toilet in the dark?

    • Peggy: Gee honey, we're sorry you had a bad day. Would you like some dinner?
      Al: Yes.
      Peggy: Gee, I was hoping you'd say no.
      Bud: Oh hey dad, Mrs. Donelly called and she said her slipper wouldn' fit over her bunion and she wants to know what she should do.
      Al: Start walking on all fours the way god intended her to.

    • Muffy: (in an extremely bad acting voice) Oh, Doctor Shoe, I don't know what to do. I am going to a party in 20 minutes, and my feet are killing me. Ouch.

    • Al: And remember, 555-SHOE also spells 555-RIND, 555-PINF, and 555-RGNE. And no one knows more about RGNE than Doctor RGNE.

    • Peggy: Hi, honey. How was your day?

      Al: Hey, I came home. How good could it have been?

  • Notes

    • Steve's decision to loan Al $50,000 is actually a pivotal moment in series. It results in him being fired from the bank at the end of this episode, which in turnresults inSteve deciding to change his life and leave Marcy later in the season.

    • This was the first appearance of Dan Tullis Jr. in the series. He will have several more unrelated guest appearances before being cast in the recurring role of Officer Dan starting in Season 8.

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