Married... With Children

Season 11 Episode 18

A Babe in Toyland

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 1997 on FOX



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    • Peg: You know Al, I think I want to get a t.v. in the bedroom.
      Al: Good idea Peg. Then we'll install a fridge in the night stand and you won't need legs at all.
      Peg: You know, if body parts fell off because of lack of use, you'd be a Ken doll.

    • Al: Alright son, so you tried your best and you failed miserably. You're a Bundy! I fully expect you to kick this curse. I have faith in you.
      Bud: Yeah right Dad. I'm not gonna end some middle aged shoe salesman making minumum wage.
      Al: Okay Bud.
      Bud: Slaving away 20 years, never getting promotion.
      Al: Alright Bud.
      Bud: No respect. No raises. No reason to live. No hair.
      Al: This father son talk is over.
      Bud: Yeah, that's a good talk Dad.

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  • Allusions

    • The episode title is an allusion to Victor Herbert's 1903 operetta, Babes in Toyland, which has been made into two feature films, the first in 1934 (starring Laurel and Hardy) and the second in 1967 produced by Disney (starring Ray Bolger and Annette Funicello).

    • Purple M&M's:

      During her time on the kids show, when she was bossing around the staff, Kelly orders them to bring her purple M&M's, which they try to explain to her don't exist. In June of 2002, roughly five years later, purple M&M's were finally voted into being the new color to put in M&M's.