Married... With Children

Season 7 Episode 4

Al on the Rocks

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 1992 on FOX



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    • Al: Women pay me money to look like this!
      Marcy: Oh, well here's a dollar, sing "YMCA"! (She and Jefferson giggle) Here's another one. Put a shirt on, I can't stand to see you topless.
      Al: At least people know when I'm topless. My back has more breasts than you!
      Marcy: No, Al. Your front has more breasts than me.

    • Kelly: I remember I had a 109-temperature, and all she did was bleach my hair.
      Bud: Because her mom always told her, "Bleach a cold, Raise a Beaver".

    • Kelly: What time is it?
      Bud: 3:30.
      Kelly: A.M. or B.M.?
      Bud: B.M.
      Kelly: You know, I don't know why they call it B.M. I mean, why don't they call it P.M., after Post Meridian.

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    • Cocktail
      The scene where Al is tossing the liquor bottles, making drinks, and dancing to the music refer to the 1988 movie Cocktail where the bartender (played by Tom Cruise) is tossing liquor bottles, making drinks, and dancing to the music.