Married... With Children

Season 2 Episode 22

All in the Family

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 01, 1988 on FOX



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    • Al: Well, that's the sound of the axel hitting the road. Means one of two things: either everybody in China just jumped off a chair, or your family's here.

    • Al: Remember when they were here last year? Shane was on. Just before it came on, Uncle Otto bet Uncle Irwin he couldn't stick his head through the TV. I didn't see Shane that year, Peg.
      Peggy: Well, I know, Al. But you saw the end from the emergency room.
      Al: "Come back, Shane. Shane. Goodbye, Shane". That's all I saw, Peg. I didn't even see the credits, because your mother lumbered in front of the set. By the time her entire body chugged by it was morning.

    • Al: Peg, now this is my first three day weekend I've had in a year. It's not like I'm gonna have a good time, you and the kids are gonna be there. But not the Wanker wagon from Milwaukee, Peg please, not that.

    • Al: Peg, you were great last night, You did what every man dreams his wife will do. You were asleep before I got home and out of bed before I woke up. How could I ever thank you?
      Peggy: You could stop eating beans before bed.

    • Al: "Hondo", Peg... John Wayne's best movie... it only comes on once every 17 years. Oh Peg, please let me watch "Hondo".

    • Peg: Oh Al, you should be nicer to my family. After all, they're the only people in the world who think what you do is skilled labor.

    • Kelly: Uncle Otto! You look great.
      Uncle Otto: And you, my darling, I could sell you.
      Bud: Lemme tell you what the going rate is.

    • Al: While Hondo is on there will be on Belly-Butting, no spitting for distance and (Al looking at Otto) no one running around with underwear on their heads.

    • Al: (looking out the window) They brought the horse trailer. Is your mother in there?
      Peg: It's the only way she can travel, Al.

    • Al: It's amazing - the triplets sleep in one bed and your mother sleeps in three.

    • Peg: You can't leave during a family crisis.
      Al: This is no family. This is a lab experiment.

    • Wanker Triplet: I wanna marry.
      Al: Somebody outside the family, right?

    • Uncle Otto: Now something's happened that's threatened [The Triplets] act.
      Al: They faced the audience?

    • Uncle Otto: Al, I want to let you in on a little family secret.
      Al: You're the fourth [Wanker] triplet?

    • Peg: Al, we need to talk.
      Al: Why, I'm broke and I'm blind. What else is there to talk about?
      Peg: You haven't been nice to my family.
      Al: Well, neither has nature; go bother it.

    • Uncle Otto: You're not good enough for our family.
      Al: Yeah, I've never been up on a morals charge.

  • Notes

    • Hondo is an actual western movie starring John Wayne & Ward Bond.

    • The creators of the show named the "Bundy" family after Christopher Pallies, who wrestled as "King Kong Bundy" and would appear on the show later as himself.

    • The three Delrubio sisters also went on to Full House to play Rene, Esther, and Mary or "R.E.M." (Also three singing old guitar players.)

    • This episode was dedicated to "Divine", a.k.a. Harris Glen Milstead, a famed transvestite "actress", a staple in the early movies of John Waters. This man was hired to play Uncle Otto for as a reccuring character on the show, but his manager found him dead in his apartment building.

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