Married... With Children

Season 5 Episode 16

All Night Security Dude

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 1991 on FOX

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  • Best episode in the MWC series

    This is my favorite episode in the entire MWC lineup. Al Bundy loses his job at the shoe store and takes a job as a security gaurd at his very own Polk High school. Bubba Smith makes an appearance as another teenage superstar high school athlete turned loser adult much like Al Bundy. This show is very well written and keeps you laughing from the intro to the ending credits. The final scene with AL versus Spare Tire is one of the funniest and most memorable in TV history. A must see and one for the ages.
  • Al and Spare tire Dixon playing out there final high school football game in 2 minutes

    All Night Security Dude. I believe is the greatest Married with Children episode ever writen. Makes my side hurt from laughter every time I watch it. When Al Bundy and Spare Tire Dixon trading insults with each other in Polk High hallway is classic Married with Children. Then this episode (All Night Security Dude) takes the high jinks to a whole new level. Spare Tire Dixon and Al playing out the whole championship football game in a matter of seconds is simply hilarious. Budda Smith plays a great part as Spare Tire Dixon. Ed O'Neill`s (Al Bundy) favorite episode. Truely a side spitter.
  • my favorite episode growing, simply for the one scene with Bubba Smith

    I'm a cop, my dad's a cop, and my brother's a cop. I always liked this one because Al becomes a security guard. Which is like a failed cop. We get to see Al embarrass his kids yet again. All the usual gags are in this show, but the final scenes when Al crosses the line against Bubba Smith was one of the funniest in TV history. The chariots of fire music. The slow motion. The three stooges gag, and the mother-in-law picture gag. Hilarious. This will always be my favorite episode of the series simply for this scene. I always liked any episode dealing with Al playing football.