Married... With Children

Season 2 Episode 8

Born to Walk

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 1987 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Kelly enters in the last scene when Peg is on the phone, we can see a microphone at the ceiling.

  • Quotes

    • Marcy: Maybe you'd better study, Al.
      Al: I've been driving for twenty years. I don't have to study.
      (The next day, Al and Kelly come home after taking their driver's test)
      Kelly: I passed.
      Al: I failed.

    • Al: Yeah, this is a great little town. Neighborhood's burning down, no cops. Robberies every minute, no cops. I start my car, here comes the Bundy squad.

    • Steve: (Looking through the booklet) Oh, these tests are brutal. Here's one they'll never get me on again: how many feet in advance do you have to signal before making a turn in a business or residential area?
      Al: Who cares?
      Steve: A cop in a business or residential area.

    • Al: Kelly is the worst driver in the world.
      Kelly: Daddy got a ticket.
      Peggy: Driving with your shoes off again, Al?
      Kelly: No, we got pulled over for a busted tail-light, then dad got another ticket because his drivers licence expired last month.
      Peggy: That means you had a birthday last month. Happy birthday honey!

    • Al: Hey, Steve? You know that two feet, three inches? Well, it was just big enough that a cop spotted me and gave me another ticket for a broken tail-light.
      Steve: Well, I warned you, Al.
      Al: Yeah, oh yeah. You know, me and you just have to go hunting one day. Yeah, I'll get you a pair of antlers to wear.

    • Peggy: Congratulations, Kelly, I'm so proud of you.

      Al: Uh, Peg, maybe you didn't hear me. I said I failed my written test.

      Peggy: Well, I didn't say I was proud of you.

      Kelly: And Mom, Dad got another ticket for a broken tail-light and one for driving without a license.

      Peggy: Oh, I'm sorry, Al. Now I'm proud of you.

    • Al: Well, a special thanks to everyone who didn't get up this morning to drive me to work.
      Bud: That's my bike. I reported it stolen.
      Al: Well, I'll get arrested for that tomorrow. Today I just got a ticket for a broken tail-light.

    • Al: Right now your daddy's a little irritated, because you cost your daddy 500 freaking dollars, but more important than that - well, not more important than that but as important - you've showed me how little you care. So tomorrow, when I go to get my license...
      Kelly: Who's taking you, Daddy?
      Al: I'll crawl on my face. When I come home, your daddy is not going to give you anything: not a smile, no money, no food. I'm not going to lift a finger to help any of you and I don't expect any of you to lift a finger to help me. From now on, we have a new Bundy rule: every man for himself!

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