Married... With Children

Season 4 Episode 3

Buck Saves the Day

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 1989 on FOX
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Al reluctantly agrees to take Steve, Bud, and a group of neighborhood children camping to avoid spending time with Peg, but instead gets everyone stranded in the middle of the woods without any supplies or shelter. Meanwhile, Kelly joins Peg and her friends in a poker game.


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  • I Love this episode

    I love this episode.Its so funny.I love the part where Al Bundy,Bud,Steve and all those kids are in the woods and then a kid says \"I want my mommy\" and al responds with \"So does your dad\'s brother\" I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!! And its funny wen Kelly keeps on winning in poker and Marcy keeps on b*****ng about Kelly cheating.The kids lookin under kelly\'s dress (LOL!!)I LOVE THIS EPISODE

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    • Joey: to Steve But you're not the great-great-grandson of Dan O'Bundy.
      Steve: That's true. My ancestors could read and write.

    • Bud: Come on Kel, just do like I do. Use your wits.
      Kelly: I do.
      Bud: I said wits. With a 'w'.
      Kelly: Mom, he's spelling at me again.

    • Bud: Gee Kel, you're wearing the same dress you were out for your date last night. How does it keep its shape in the glove compartment of a car?

    • Al: Okay kids, we get out of here alive what are we going to do? Victor.
      Victor: Never marry.
      Al: That's right. So remember, kids, when you meet a woman, no matter how nice she is or what she looks like, remember: women get worse. They get...
      Victor: Older.
      Joey: Meaner.
      Bud: Fatter?

    • (Steve's babbling because of the poison)
      Bud: Should I get a club, Dad?
      Al: Nah, at least watching him gives us something to do.

    • (a delirious Steve moans in pain from poison oak exposure and animal bites)
      Victor: What's wrong with Mr. Rhoades?
      Al: He's dying, Victor.
      Steve: (sing-song) Thus dies the house of Agamemnon.

    • Al: Once upon a time, there was a young boy. A boy... full of hope. He was single, and he was happy. Then one night, much like tonight, something rose from the swamp. He heard a noise behind him: thump-thump, thump-thump. He walked a little faster. Thump-thump-thump-thump. Then he saw it. There, in the light of a bar, stood the evil, redheaded, high-heeled spandex monster. He ran from it. He stood it up, he dated others, but nothing could stop it! He could hear it's wild call: "oh honey? Honey?" It was horrible. Finally... it trapped him. Opened... opened its hideous mouth, beared its fangs and said, "marry me?"
      Victor: And did he marry it, Danno?
      Al: Yes, I'm afraid he did. And he was never heard from again. But the worst of it is that there still some of them out there. There might me one be one behind that tree! But there might not be. But beware, wherever a man is free, and has change in his pockets, they'll come a creapin' and they can't be stopped.

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    • David Faustino's real life brother makes a guest appearance on the show. He would appear in a few more episodes including Get The Dodge Out of Hell. He favors David more in that episode than this one.


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