Married... With Children

Season 3 Episode 11

Eatin' Out

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 1989 on FOX
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The Bundys inherit $237 from Peg's Uncle Henry, and they follow Marcy's suggestion to eat out at a fancy restaurant for the first time. Unfortunately, Al forgets to bring his wallet and makes the mistake of sending Kelly and Bud home to get it.

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  • Great episode!

    The Bundy’s come into some money. Al and Peg were going to sneak off for the weekend and not tell the kids, but they got caught leaving. Bud and Kelly have ideas of their own how the money should be spent (on a concert). Unwilling to give the money to the kids they compromise, so they all go out to a fancy restaurant, but Al forgets to bring his wallet. They end up having an easy solution. They send Kelly and Bud to retrieve the wallet, but when they get to the house Kelly and Bud decide to leave their parents at the restaurant while they go to the concert. This episode had some really funny jokes and the way the family acts at the upscale restaurant is some classic Bundy humor. It is really funny how Al and Peg manage the situation at the restaurant.moreless

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    • Al: Peg, Peg, it's been two and a half hours. It's safe to say the kids have left us here to die.
      Peggy: I can't believe the kids would do this to us.
      Al: Oh, yeah. Like we wouldn't have done it to them.

    • Al: Forgot my wallet, Peg.
      Bud: Such a nerd.
      Peggy: Come on now, Kids. Give your daddy a chance.(to Al) What are you gonna do, idiot?
      Al: Lets not panic. I mean, if we keep calm we can still get through this thing with a little bit of dignity.
      Kelly: You want me to throw a fit on the floor like I did when we can't pay at Denny's?
      Al: That was for three ninety-five. For two hundred and twenty-five they let you swallow your tongue before they call an aumbulance.

    • Al: Kids, we're not at home. This is a special evening and a special meal. I think we should show our thanks b< saying Grace.
      (They bow their heads and we hear them thinking)
      Bud: Look at that steak. I think I'm getting sexually excited.
      Kelly: I knew you were supposed to cook a potato. I knew it, I knew it.
      Peggy: This food could be trouble. They're all going to like it and then they're going to look at me.
      (They all look at Peggy and then bow their heads again)
      Al: And Lord, I'd just like to say... other people get to eat like this all the time. Animals at the zoo eat better than me. And more often, I might add. Don't I rate as much as a jackal gets? Thanks for listening. Your friend, Al.

    • Bud: Look at 'em. Old-a-rama.
      Kelly: You are a soul-less troll. I think it's romantic that two dinosaurs like Mom and Dad still care enough about each other to dance. I mean, look at them. You can see how much they really love each other.
      (Cut to Al and Peggy dancing)
      Peggy: Couldn't you even put on deodorant, you pig?
      Al: Gee, you didn't wear quite enough hair spray tonight, Peg. I can still smell your breath.

    • Al: Since you're imposing, let me ask you a question. As you can see, our house is in great sadness. We inherited a check for two hundred and thirty-seven dollars, we don't know what do with it.

    • Peggy: Al, you think the kids are gonna be okay in the house for a week by themselves?
      Al: Well, if you're worried about them, you stay with them. It won't be the same without you. I might have some fun.

    • Al: (hands Kelly his car keys, to fetch his forgotten wallet) Oh, and Kelly...?
      Kelly: (rolls eyes) I know, I'll be careful.
      Al: Nah, I don't care about that. Just don't change my radio station.

    • Paul: (about Al) He overflowed the toilet!

    • Al: (stalling, while Kelly goes to get his wallet) How's about some more water? Y'know, it's nature's fruit juice!

    • Peggy: (about going to a restaurant) We did that once Al! Remember? We were supposed to give Kelly a flue shot, but she was crying so much we decided to go out instead.

    • Marcy: Me and Steve went to a restaurant, and we brought Buck a nice big bone.
      Peggy: (Al takes the bone and slams the door in front of Marcy's and Steve's face. Peggy then takes the bone) Whoa! There's meat on it! Kids! Dinner time!

    • Peggy: (holds Al's shoe) Stay back everyone! I have a deadly shoe.

    • Peggy: (everyone sits down) on the table) Kids, you know what to do. (Peggy takes a bag, and everyone puts the silverware in it).

    • Peggy Al, would you like to dance?
      Al: You wouldn't mind?
      Peggy: Of course not.
      Al: (stands up and asks the young woman sitting behind him) Would you like to dance?

    • Al: (Ordering dinner for everyone, in a high-class restaurant) Four steaks. Nuke 'em.

    • Al: Hey kids wadda ya say, you wanna go out for a nice dinner tomorrow?
      Bud: We wanna see Tears and Vomit.
      Al: Well, you see that when your mom cooks.

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